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My girlfriend and I were “dry humping” while she was naked and I was wearing only my underwear. We weren’t necessarily rubbing against each other vigorously but I was on top of her and we were making out. Some pre-*** seeped through and you could see that it had gotten a portion of my underwear moist. The part that... show more

Best answer: To people that recognize that that's what has been going on it would. Unfortunately, it seems that many Americans are clueless thanks to their apathy when it comes to their government.

Best answer: The Democrats were responsible for starting the downturn of our economy in 2007. Obama turned it into the Obama recession and prolonged it for 8 years, and saddled us with unsustainable debt.

Will companies ask for your college degree?

6 answers · Nantes · 3 weeks ago
I had taken a 2 year marketing program in Canada. I was a mark short of graduating (got a D+ and I needed a C). I thought I graduated but instead of having graduated in April, I m graduating in September. I wanted to work in the United States and get a sponsorship from a company but I was wondering if they will ask... show more

Why do job applications ask for race?

5 answers · Nantes · 3 weeks ago
If you can't tell what race someone is when they come for an interview, you need to get a vision test.

How to get a professional job?

4 answers · Nantes · 3 weeks ago
so I've been a waiter, lifeguard, swim instructor, cashier but haven't had a 'serious' job and dont know how to go about finding one. I have just completed college with a high gpa so am going to continue working on my masters, but i want to get a professional job as well. i dont really care what i... show more

Best answer: It means that they were interested enough in the skills listed on the resume to want to do a face to face interview to further evaluate if you would fit into their organization.

apply if the landlord is just going to the back yard of the house also? Or what? US Law.

Best answer: Tomorrow

my gram doesn't know the answer

What did you call your other accounts?

8 answers · Nantes · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: And the Best Answer goes to... :D

Is that mean hopeless? I have applied a position 1 month ago. but after HR contacted me for few questions and he passed my resume to hiring manager to review, after that nothing happen...still in progress

She's made me cakes and melted chocolate strawberries before. We get along well, kinda work together but with different companies, today she has message me through an dating app and it's done that match thing. I'm still thinking there's no chance and I'm thinking delete the app and hide it... show more

Idk if im liked at work or not?

4 answers · Strasbourg · 4 weeks ago
I started a traineeship about a month or so ago and quite honestly I feel like im doing a good job, I've been complemented for having good initiative, I feel like I try to do alot of annoying tasks no one else would want to do to earn my place abit but some of the people there just seem a little blunt, I guess... show more