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Name for theatre group?

5 answers · 3 weeks ago
My friends and I are doing a student run production of a play, but we need ideas of what to call our theatre group. Any suggestions?

Best answer: There's no rules - but think of it this way. Your stage name will be on your resume, your website and your other marketing materials. You will build a reputation with that stage name. So use it when you're working to build that reputation. If you list The Acting Class on your resume with the name Joe... show more

Best answer: I'm with you. I hate "theater".

Has Acting Lost Popularity?

9 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Nah I don't think so. People don't typically decide to be actors because they have a love & respect for the *industry*. They get into it for personal reasons - like they just really enjoy it, or feel like they have a great talent for it, or maybe just like to have eyes on them (not saying that's a bad... show more

For some reason a few years back I came up with this theory that after being cast in a lot of movies, actors begin to slowly lose their emotions, to the point where they become puppets to the director. This is because they spend the majority if not the entirety of their career following the orders of someone and... show more

I am an aspiring writer, and I am currently applying for a grant from a youth charity to be able to put on a musical that I m writing in a fringe theatre, as a amateur production. I have one particular theatre clear as a first-choice. However, with my total budget that the charity give me, I can only afford to put... show more

How to cry like crazy on command?

12 answers · 4 weeks ago
I’m doing a play in school and my character has to cry. I can’t cry on command. How do I do it?

Best answer: I have read that some people get voice jobs on fiverr; I have not checked it out.

I want to find an appropriate way to get in touch with an agency since they have one very close to me and also offer acting classes. They also have a Facebook but I don’t know if that is mature or not to contact through

So i know this might sound very weird and i might just be really dumb right now but i just wanted to be sure what is going on with me I have not have many interest in acting if just never I did had some lessons for like 1 or 2 two years at school when i was like 12 years old but i was really **** (i think i was)... show more

Best answer: Depending on the size of the play/production. Up to 50 people backstage. Makeup, wardrobe, dressers, lighting, sound, stage managers, runners, prop masters, technicians. and more. Peace.

Best answer: I would assume it is similar to becoming an Actor in Hollywood. You develop your entertainment talents, get an agent and go to auditions arranged by yoru agent..

So I'm a senior in high school. I've been in the musicals for all 3 previous years. I've done everything I can to work my way up. I was in the ensemble freshman year, a featured role sophomore year, and a supporting role junior year. I've had the perfect incline upwards, and it's only natural... show more

I don't know if it is a written contract thing if they state they don't want to do it. I am really wondering about this for example if it is a TV show you won't necessarily know if your character is going to have a nude/sex scene after the first season if it is renewed or a change in TV/movie script.... show more

What would be my type as an actor?

7 answers · 1 month ago
I'm young, have big brown eyes, full lips, kinda pale, and I'm curvy-ish. People have told me I'm kind/quiet, but also funny/awkward... Anyway, I'm not completely sure what my type would be

How to fake a severe limp?

11 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: You have to imagine that your leg is not working. It drags behind. just let it go limp and don't put any weight on it.

I'm going to start pursuing acting soon and I was thinking of using a different last name because mine is a bit hard to pronounce so I was wondering, how and when do you start using a stage name?