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Best answer: Kept her up all night.

Is this ticket fair (NY)?

7 answers · Law & Ethics · 5 days ago
I have my own driveway, it’s private property. The entire vehicle (except the front two wheels) are on it, but the wheels are partially on the public road. The ticket says NO PARKING ON SIDEWALK, even though people can just go around it, I can’t put it back any further.

It seems over grown dead forests might cause them all to burn to the ground. Everyone knows that trees will die in the desert, except for the libs i guess? The feel good campaign is killing people

Best answer: Wheee! This gender equality stuff is easy LOL!.

Best answer: No, She has a "She wee" and a colostomy bag, she can do her business whilst working the crowd.

Best answer: No, Windrush ancestors.

Do you think HE is still Bruce when the cameras stop rolling?

Best answer: The only blood E Warren has in her is that of a sea hag.

Who likes pistachio ice cream?

9 answers · Other - India · 1 month ago
I had it at a indian restaurant and it was yummo