Aircraft's questions - Greek iziqna Blown out of a plane window as an engine came off and she died from blunt trauma. Seatbelt help her not fall from window, but tpo much blunt trauma.

I was looking at flightradar 24 and i saw a very small plane in the middle of the atlantic flying from Europe to North America so I clicked it and apparently it was a gulfstream g650. is this small plane capable of doing transatlantic flights?

Ans also how fast do i have to go on this hill to mkae it fly? I always wanted to jump my car?

Best answer: It depends on the particular plane. The current longest nonstpo commercial flight is a Singapore-New York route which is over 18 hours long (I think that's still the longest). There are a few others that are over 17 hours as well.

Best answer: The civilian method: 1. Get your private pilot's license. 2. Start gaining some experience. While gaining experience, work on gaining your multi-engine rating and your instrument rating, and also do some cross country flights and fly in complex aircraft (aircraft with retractable landing gear, flaps, and... show more

Best answer: It takes a great deal of energy to take off and land vertically. This energy is inversely proportional to the size of the device generating that vertical thrust. A helicopter has a very large rotor, and thus is the most efficient vertical takeoff aircraft. But these large rotors are dangerous and loud and produce... show more

Can you get any log books that have been filled in by pilots already or is that not permitted to the public? I am trying to get up to speed with his interests however looking for an interesting gift for him and wondering if this is possible.

Flying a drone filled with petrol and a navigation sat nav attached to make drugs deliveries is it possible to fly to another country

Best answer: George H.W. Bush was the first President to actually PILOT his own airplane. As a Navy pilot during WWII, he flew 58 combat missions and he received the Distinguished Flying Cross, three Air Medals, and the Presidential Unit Citation

Most maneuverable fighter of WW II?

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Best answer: My guess would be the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter. The plane was very light and manoeuvrable. The Japanese Government asked Japanese designers to design a fighter that could fly huge distances fight a dogfight or battle, then fly back home. All Japanese designers except one believed the aircraft asked... show more

Considering they are up in the air. Compress it./

How do you become a pilot?

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Best answer: What Kind? Private? No degree required. Even commercial, to get the license requires no degree. To become an Airline pilot for major airline requires a PPL license, plus instrument rating, commercial license, plus a degree plus 4 years previous experience. A commercial will cost about $80,000. A private,... show more

Best answer: The accident did happen, as a few other mid air collisions have also occurred.

How much fuel does a airliner hold?

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Best answer: Probably not with a MAJOR airline. You'll have better luck getting a job flying with one of the regional/feeder airlines that operate the hub and spoke flights from the smaller cities to the hub airports. You might also look at applying to one of the air freight operators like Mountain Air Cargo (Eastern US)... show more

Best answer: It would depend on several things - the nature of the business , where you would be based, and the nature of the airline you fly for. As a low seniority pilot, if the airline has several crew bases you cannot expect to be domiciled in the same city where you live. That means if you have a geographically-based... show more