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Many people own Windows 10 now. So people think Windows 7 is a security risk to have. But is it safe again if you install Anti-Virus.

Free anti virus?

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ok so recently i was talking to microsoft support there was a big problem with my computer and they got it fixed i was talking to a certified engineer and he installed anti virus and i had to pay for the anti virus so i put in my credit card details and paid for it it was $50 for a year that was ok i do not know... show more

Best answer: You generally can't do much except from what the other answers have said about locating it to the ISP. However it is possible, though not probable, that you could hack a device on the network. This can be an IOT device such as a security camera, a smart thermostat or other smart devices. The router could also... show more

They have blocked all proxies and vpns and we can’t download anything not approved by the school.

What s best antivirus for phone?

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Didn't get a security code?

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Best answer: Scroll down to and click on the Manage your extras button followed by clicking on Manage BT Parental Controls. Select Manage Settings under BT Parental Controls and choose the Manage allowed and blocked sites tab. In the box under 'My blocked websites', type the address of the website you wish to block.

I use my computer for business purposes now, and I want to protect my documents, internet privacy, streaming privacy, and apps like IG and FB on my phone. What is the best overall VPN? I have heard things about Nord but from what I see it only blocks your IP address.

Cant log in?

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my ex has a hacker friend who works cyber security for banks. They have been monitoring me through cameras on my computer and TV. Is there anything i can do to my home network to be alerted to someone doing this. how can i stop it?

Best answer: You need to remove the malware while in the SAFE MODE. Safe Mode only allows the Win 10 files to boot up and nothing else, but you can run your antivirus and/or anti-malware while in the Safe Mode. You have to manually put it into Safe Mode and then you have to manually take it out of Safe Mode. Give it a try... show more

Best answer: Hello and thank you for your question! This is a tricky question because answers will differ depending on opinion and what kind of security you need. Basic security is already pre-installed on all Windows 10 PCs via Windows Defender. Windows Defender has gotten a lot better over the years and is updated monthly... show more

My GF seemed suspicious when placing down her Ipad. I have a strange feeling she might be trying to secretly record a conversation im having with my parents while shes gone

What does antivirus software do?

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Best answer: Yes Answering for a friend.

Best answer: It basically means that they have all of your personal information such as Social Security number, credit card numbers, drivers license number, address (past and present), mother's maiden name, employment information, etc... This allows them to fraudulently open up lines of credit in your name and buy whatever... show more