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What's the last thing you said to yourself in the mirror?

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Should I get nose job?

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I have an extremely ugly nose that distracts away from.the rest of my face. It looks like I am a witch and it gets quite annoying at times because I can't get certain hairstyle because they don't flatter my look . The worse part about this situation is that my face overall is pretty decent looking but my... show more

Does getting your clit pierced hurt?

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Can you get a pierced belly button even if you are fat?

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My partner’s 10 year old has asked to get her ears pierced, and both of her parents have agreed to let her get them pierced once she’s finished school for the summer. As it is his weekend when she finishes for the summer, he’s taking her to get them pierced. Her mum only agreed if their daughter was taken to a... show more

And, is the front of your waist for worst spot to get a tattoo?

Who has more skin tones? Black people or White people?

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Best answer: White people - Olive, light brown, pasty white Black people - Dark Brown, Medium brown, caramel Probably a tie.

Best answer: Not necessarily because of your gender or even age... but tanning beds are generally not a great idea as they can increase your risk of getting skin cancer. Especially if a young person starts early and uses it frequently

How often do you change your razor blade?

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I've been using my razor to shave my legs and armpits for about 2 months it time to change it?

Why are Trump's eyebags so puffy and look like they wil explode?

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Why do people say that 36-34-36 are perfect measurements?

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Best answer: 36 seems like such a wide rib cage. Too wide. But 24 is good for a waist and 36 is good for hips.

What is an appropriate age to get a third ear piercing?

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How would you describe the “Perfect Girl”?

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Best answer: Any girl you're in love with.

How much would a tattoo like this cost?

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What should I do about my boyfriend?

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I just recently got an industrial piercing, a daith, and a tragus piercing. My boyfriend is degrading me about it saying “now your friends will see how ugly you are” “i wont come around you if you keep them in when im around” — Hes threatening to not come see me if i dont remove them. What should i do? i really... show more

Is it safe to get a tattoo near/by the veins ?

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Best answer: i would ask your doctor or the place that does the tattoos this question