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Can blonde hair grey at age 28?

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Is the hairstyle bad?

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Best answer: You need to shampoo your hair and condition. Then let it air dry a little bit and blow dry it the rest of the way. Then flat iron it. Start from the front pulling the hair up and away from your face, and curl the tips inward. You'd be rolling your wrist in a circle kind of like if you were winding a fishing rod. show more

I get bullied for been ginger?

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basically i get called ginger 24/7 and ugly and i just brush it off but it acc really hurts me and i dont know what to do becayse i cant tell anyone so sometimes i just want to die or stay in an enclosed area. please help

She said it will cost around $100 (colour and trim) and will take around 3 hours to finish my hair

My uncle is getting married, to A who is rather vain, and I’m going to be a bridesmaid. This morning she took me and the other bridesmaids for a hair consultation to see how the style she wants would work in our hair. Going into it, she’d asked my mum if I needed a trim as we were going to the hairdressers. Mum... show more

If someone's heater were to go out and the aimed a hair dryer next to them while they slept, for heat, at their chest and stomach area, to stay warm, and did that for hours at night and during the day for a week or two, could it cause intestinal damage like a microwave, or anything dangerous? Thanks in advance.

Do u color ur hair?

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Best answer: Nope. My grandma is 95 and still has full, thick hair.

I am looking for a solution or cream or (something) that can make "cut" hair grow REALLY FAST? I had a bad haircut and it is WAY shorter in the back than what I wanted. Can I go to a hair salon -or- perhaps Walmart might have something I can get?

I have light blue eyes (sometimes gray or turquoise) and I’m very pink and I guess you would say pale. A cool skin tone???

Best answer: Just because it's FUN and they CAN!

Thick or Thin eyebrows?

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Best answer: A nice thick hairy uni-brow, yeah............oh baby.......