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Best answer: The first one I noticed appeared in my mid-twenties, I think. I'd been wishing for gray hairs for ten years, though - hehe - I guess I just liked the color, but also wanted to seem older. Ha! One of my best friends says she noticed her first gray hair around age 14! But, she's got less gray than I do... show more

Should I shave my head?

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I’m a 16 year old girl, in high school. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I really want too. I’m only concerns are, how my family will react and i’m involved in theatre and I’m worried about it limiting roles for me.

Right now my hair is fairly damaged. My ends are a very light pink but my roots are at a 9-8. I'm trying to dye my hair pastel pink, purple, and blue. Should I bleach my roots again or am I ok to dye it?

Which color is best for hair?

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Best answer: Biotin is a good supplement for increasing hair growth speed. 10mg or 10,000ug a day is the recommend dose

It keeps getting worse, i'm only 20 years old, do you know if onion juice can somewhat help it?

fake boobs, bleached hair, bleached skin and straightened hair

Best answer: Nope. I think that's a very good price, as some will charge upwards of $500+. You're paying to set it right and get it healthy again. You did the right thing.

Best answer: medium or short in my opinion if u compare it to hip or waist length hair

Best answer: Have a sleepover and offer to wax her lip..she'll get the picture.

Best answer: The color will not lift. You cannot lighten your hair from black to a lighter color. You have to strip your hair color off first. Even if your hair is naturally Black. If your hair was dyed black first, you have to strip your hair as well. Also-Black Hair dye contains the harshest chemicals of all hair coloring... show more

Best answer: Because it’s “trendy.” And I personally like the salt and pepper thing, so I’d pick the guy on the right. Both are handsome, though, and have kind eyes.

i'm not saying all. but why don't a lot of blacks have blue eyes or blonde hair? it's mostly caucasian people who have it?

Best answer: They can't deliver under your bridge.