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What are some boy names that you like that start with T?

48 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago

Can I legally name my son Adolf?

31 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
My girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and I told her I like the name Adolf

Should i masterbate?

8 answers · Newborn & Baby · 12 hours ago
First off, I haven’t had sex since May 2018 I was 5 months pregnants, I had my baby in August and still no sex since her father is in another state. I get the urge to masterbate sometimes but I feel bad since my baby sleeps with me she has her little matress but its next to me. I was holding off on doing anything... show more

Thoughts on Girls being in Boy Scouts?

16 answers · Parenting · 16 hours ago

Richard? Worlds worst name?

21 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago

Do men think that short women are unattractive.?

15 answers · Adolescent · 15 hours ago
Short = 5'5" Do most men think they're ugly?

What is the name of your little sister?

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What's your own opinion about the name Sophie?

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Am I pregnant?

11 answers · Pregnancy · 3 hours ago
Had unprotected sex, he came (I didn't but whatevs lol). After that, I've missed my periods, got morning sickness and got a bloated belly. I'm deciding to ask you guys, considering you're all Online Doctors, and I can't be bothered to take a pregnancy test. Do y'all think I'm preggers? show more

Is the middle name Prayer to extreme?

14 answers · Baby Names · 24 hours ago
I'm very strong in my faith and I always loved the names Faith,Hope, Joy, etc but I want something different and uncommon. So I thought of Prayer. So her name would be Cheyanna Prayer, does this sound too much ? No offense to anyone whose name is Prayer, I love it Lol thanks!

I occasionally go through my teens’ phones. I have passwords to their accounts. They know this. I found out he smoked weed about 3 months ago. He also drinks at his buddy’s house. I’ve made it very clear to him that this will not be tolerated. That almost everything is ok in moderation but at his age he has no... show more

Best answer: Amaranth Lucy Marietta Lucy Gabrielle Lucy Sydney Lucy Tessa Lucy

I have a 16 year old daughter who is a complete tomboy She’s all about football and always in her football kits or tracksuits. We have a family wedding in March and don’t have a clue what she will wear as she refuses to wear dresses. What can I put her in that will look smart but she will also feel comfortable in?

What do liberals do on Saturday nights?

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What is your favorite girls name?

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I'm 16 (17 in a few months) and had sex on Feb 15. We used a condom, but he didnt pull out because he wanted me to finish first. It was normal though, no leaks or breaks. I saw an article that even a tiny bit of semen can impregnate. He did finger me a few mins afterwards so idk if he had a tiny bit of semen on... show more

Do you prefer the name Moriah or Mariah?

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Best answer: Being bullied since kid?, that's hard enough to forget but you should be her protection next time from the danger

Bed wetting?

14 answers · Toddler & Preschooler · 2 days ago
My 3 year old son is potty trained and wets his bed daily. He has a diaper on at night but I want to find a way where he does not have to wear one. I feel he is getting a little to old for a diaper anyway I want him to sleep in underwear. We have tried no drinks a hour before, go the bathroom before bed both have... show more