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What is a fake person?

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It is very true. Libra is very intelligent and civilized Scorpio is a deep thinker and interesting person who is compassionate and understands you Sagittarius is your philosopher and usually very intelligent and fun to be around Capricorn is a deep and sensitive person who is loyal and usually intelligent yet shy.... show more

Best answer: virgo and pisces is the healer since they are both opposite signs. aquarius opposite is leo which means they are the leaders of the zodiac scorpio and Taurus are the most selfish an dlike money and scamming people libra and aries both love beautiful things and are usually beautiful too Capricorn and cancer are... show more

My friends boyfriend is Sagittarius and he keep lying and cheated on her many times.

Which is the sneakiest zodiac sign?

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Are Aquarius men dominant in bed?

6 answers · 16 hours ago
I m currently dating one and I want to know..

Best answer: Booty

How to sext with a cancer man?

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My boyfriend is born under the sun sign of cancer And now be work in another country So we didn't see each other for a while Now my body crave for sex and i wanna try to sext him and send him a sexy pics. But im scared if he will think bad of me Bcz i tried to turn him off and making fun of how i will send him... show more

Best answer: Even Jesus was a Capricorn.

My date of birth: 2nd March 1959. Time:7.45p.m.Place: Pine Maharastra India.

Best answer: Cancer

Do you believe astrology is real?

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Yes or no? and why.

Why do people think bad of Scorpio?

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What's your Zodiac sign?

19 answers · 4 days ago
mine is March 15,When is yours?

Why does everyone hate Scorpio's?

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