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Say someone get's shot in the middle of the street, would NASA be able to use this theoretical telescope to see it happen "live" but an hour after it happened? This thought keeps me up night.

Best answer: It's better to have 5 heart attacks at 34 years old than 34 heart attacks at 5 years old

Best answer: Biblical Constitution and the American Constitution aren't the same . Hope that helps Mike Hunt . Has any one seen Mike Hunt ?

Best answer: Haven't you seen any of the cartoons? Just like Santa Claus, he had a long list to check them off, and apparently most of them spent the voyage on the deck with the giraffes poking up out of a hole in the roof. If you haven't figured it out already, the story of Noah and his flood is pure bullsh!t. The... show more

Best answer: Yes. He had several tins of sardines and tuna that he served with crackers.

Hi What is Mars secret name?

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Why doesn't Hitler have facebook?

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Best answer: Yes.

Best answer: And miss the pension???

Best answer: wouldn't even be a contest ..................................