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Best answer: It is *NOT* a "moped." It is a lightweight motorcycle, just as my first motorcycle, a 1964 Honda 50 Sport C110. Drum brakes front and rear, my Japanese 50cc had 5 bhp, this 125cc Chinese clone claims 6 bhp. Should be able to hit 50 mph, barely. Sounds like a fun little motorcycle.' 'Since is... show more

Yamaha Aerox 4 50cc restriction?

8 answers · 3 days ago
I have the yamaha aerox 50cc 4 stroke liquid cooled scooter with fuel injection and I m trying to find all the restrictors that make the bike go 49km/h max. So far I ve taken out the washer out of the variator, which helped the max speed go from 49km/h to 55km/h and I was wondering what else could be restricting it... show more

Motorcycle lever size?

5 answers · 1 day ago
Between shorty levers and long levers what's the better option for someone with small hands?

Deciding between a Honda cb300f, ninja 250, or an R3. Is a 300 to small?

Best answer: To clarify, where are you? From your description it sounds like you drive on the left, but the exact road rule still depends on where you are. Added: Well I suppose it doesn't matter. In any case, where I live, a car is permitted in a bus lane for 30 metres before doing a left turn. This stands to reason... show more

It’s a 2017 Honda Rebel 500

Motorcycle wont start ?

9 answers · 7 days ago
Hi, The motorcycle was idling like normal I went inside to pick up my helmet, then when I got back it just turned off, I Cranked it but no success , I checked spark , it is OK, It just turns on for like just 1-2 cranks and stops again over and over...

Best answer: Here I'm going to assume you're asking about a bicycle that's designed to be rode on pavement, meaning no suspension system and has multiple gears. A bicycle with a skilled rider can go most any place where it isn't legally restricted to operate. What do you mean by electric scooter? Electric... show more

I dropped my new motorcycle helmet?

9 answers · 2 weeks ago
I have a icon alliance, it dropped from my passenger peg, maybe 2 feet? Hit pavement got a small scuff on top of the helmet. Does this warrant a new helmet? Heard about that one time impact thing has me worried

Motorcycle Tire help?

5 answers · 1 week ago
I have a 2011 yamaha styker motorcycle, model should be xvs1300CAB. I am at a loss for where to get my tires at. Specs are 120/70-21 m/c for the front and 210/40R 18 m/c for the back. Should I trust bike, or is there a more reliable source to find my parts? Really frustrating the manufacturers of these... show more