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Doesn6 everybody already have the provider of their choice?

Do people still use PVRs?

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Best answer: Yes Sky Q box

Or go the hell away! Why are y'all so stupid and boring? Learn a new song, dammit!

Is Roku as good as it sounds?

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Best answer: I guess that would depend partially on what you've heard. Roku is a dedicated streaming device that supports many different streaming apps. It's the most popular of these, so new streaming services tend to release support for it first, before other devices. Just remember, while using the physical device... show more

Best answer: No. There's no correlation between your childhood and how far from your parents you live as an adult. I had a good childhood but I've lived halfway around the planet from my parents.

Best answer: Your dog did damage to landscaping. It is a public business that needs to keep a respectable image. Of course, those things can get messed up by wildlife or careless people walking through the landscaping instead of following the sidewalk. But, the bank has a lawn care service to take care of those issues. I am... show more

Like on a home TV screen, not the laptop. I know I sound like a super old person lol but I’m 25 and kind of an old soul anyway. I’ve only been watching Netflix on my laptop lately and haven’t watched a movie on a TV screen for years

How to delete espn from direct tv?

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I'm using my parents' account, and some shows that I want to watch don't show up on my profile, but they show up on everyone else's profiles. Is there any way to fix this? It's really irritating not being able to watch shows that I want to see.

He came to my house and told me they were doing free upgrades to fiber optic because they had bought out Time Warner but if I remember correctly Time Warner and Time Warner Cable are two different companies. I have 3 days to cancel, so I read and signed everything to make sure I don't get screwed. I am using... show more

I have a Samsung Smart TV, digital cable and a Toshiba DVD player/ Recorder. I'm unable to record any tv programs on it, although when the recorder was hooked up to my Samsung Flat Screen TV it could record programs on that one. I read online that I might be able to record programs that I watch on my TV and... show more

Best answer: All of them. I'm rich. MAGA