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Needs Answer 1 First let me start out by saying i'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, i'm just looking for advice and anyone that can answer my questions on this. Okay, so here's the story. About a month ago, my neighbor moved in at the house next to me. Over the weeks, we started making... show more

I've got my own PC, and also my own tablet. And I use the house's wifi. They don't have access to my PC or tablet, or google account etc.. Can they see my internet history any way, such as on the wifi admin account or something? Thanks

When I "turn off WiFi" on my iphone by sliding up it just makes it so im not connected to the same wifi anymore, but keeps wifi on. in order to really turn it off I have to go into my settings and then into wifi and then the slider. Is there a way to set it back to how it was before they did that to the... show more

How do I setup this router?

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I’m very wifi illiterate and can’t seem to figure out which plug goes where and how. I have a zhone 6729_W1 that I inherited from the last apartment’s owner. It has spots for WAN, LAN 1-4, DSL, and USB2. My wall has four plug-in spots labeled FBR (blue), HR, an upwards arrow, and BBR. I also have 4 yellow plugs, a... show more

I mean if I connect to a home Wifi network and use it, they can see who is connected to it, it is clear. But what if I have already disconnected? Can they see it in the future who was the one who connected to their wifi?

What is my wifi password?

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Best answer: I assume that you intend to access the security camera over the Internet when you are not at home. This is where you will hit a brick wall. You will need port forwarding in the landlord's router and any other router you install for you to be able to access the camera and get a live feed unless it is set up... show more


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this might sound dumb, BUT. say a device is connected to your wifi, but not actively using the internet.. like if your laptop were sitting there, turned on, connected to your wifi, but nobody’s using it. is that laptop still using wifi and running up GBs?

In our house we have three broadband sockets. One is being used currently for the WiFi (virgin media HUB 3.0). We also have access to two old spare modems. Is it possible to plug these two spare routers into the two spare broadband plugs. I understand that this can be done. However can someone tell me the exact... show more

Recently I reformatted my ASUS laptop (Model U52F) which wiped everything from my hard drive. When I tried to connect to the Internet, the laptop would not find any wireless networks around me. So I went to Device Manager and saw that the "Network Controller" had a yellow triangle next to it. So I tried... show more

Best answer: If the ISP connection (AT&T) is only providing 18 Mbps, then you are going to struggle with more than one HD TV session running at once. Even at standard definition TV, at least half the ISP bandwidth will be accounted for by your 3 Hulu devices. If the security cameras are sending continuous video streams to... show more

I want to get ethernet connection in my bedroom.

Do WiFi camera work if I'm abroad?

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If I'm abroad and set up a WiFi camera will it work? Is there a limit in the range? Thanks

Im shopping for a modem. Can anyone tell me what specs i need to look out for and what they mean thanks