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Best answer: Because ANYBODY can edit Wikipedia pages, for example I could change the article on the Solar System to say "The Solar System is just over eight miles wide and contains fifty-thousand planets, each one is inhabited by a difference species of sentient rabbit." Even excluding such obvious vandalism, many... show more

How are videos from before the internet on the internet?

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Which Q&A websites do you use?

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Is face book down for the moment?

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Should Facebook collect Americans medical records?

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I think Facebook should secretly collect Americans medical records

How to find Car and Trucks spare parts website?

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Being harassed?

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These two girls are harassing me on Facebook, i a not bothering anyone and still being harassed. i'm afraid they might find out where i live because my parents aren't well and I don't want anything to happen. I called the police and they didn't want to do anything to help

Hacking his Instagram ?

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Is there a way to hack into my bf's instagram? He resented hid his activity so now I can't see when the last time he's been on is.... How can I get in?

Will Facebook ever cost money to use?

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Best answer: it says on the log in page, 'It’s free and always will be.'

Is Facebook not working right now?

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For some weird reason, Facebook doesn't think I am who I really am so I had to send them a picture of myself, as I did. Now Facebook is reviewing my picture and I can't use my account. It's been like this die hours now and I still can't use my account. How long will this take? Could I potentially... show more

Why is access to the internet forbidden in every country?

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Is it spam or is it a real, dangerous threat?

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So I have a gmail account that I mostly use for gaming, and I have had a couple of random spam messages in the past. However, this time there was one that was very strange and is giving me anxiety. I received an email from something called Widmer Informatik, or something claiming to be that. It was in all German,... show more

What can I do about this?

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Best answer: Someone is out to get your family maybe it’s a close friend or relative

Best answer: if you dont know them in real life

Did Facebook just crash?

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Anyone elses FB not working on their computer?

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Best answer: they were just making some changes - it should be fine now