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I drive a very crappy car and im embarrassed?

39 answers · Chevrolet · 3 days ago
So my car runs but it looks horrible. First off, the drivers side fender, doors and bumper is all mest up up and banged up pretty bad. My friend laughed at me at school because it looks so bad. I can maybe get a new car but im too cheap.While my friend drives a brand new chevy cruze. Should i feel embarrassed?

Best answer: They didn't earn their lifestyle. You the taxpayer, are forced to pay for their lifestyle.

Best answer: It has a chain. All Toyota Aygos/ Peugeot 107/Citroen C1 have the same Toyota engine with a timing chain.

I can't see why they would be, from what I understand the news came a few days after Eugenie's wedding. Or is this just the Yorks getting upset that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex happy announcement after the wedding?

Do people actually care about Britain's Monarchy?

15 answers · Royalty · 4 days ago
Best answer: No only those brainwashed into believing they are good for the country when in fact they are parasites.

Best answer: Well, take a look. The 73's had to incorporate the 'impact' bumpers, and that changed the front-to-back fluid lines of the car. The 71-72's simply looked better. (12435D1)

Best answer: My dog has a higher pedigree than that lot.

Just want to know what the best cold air intake system is for my truck. Looking for the best possible power gain for a good price.

If the Monarch of the United Kingdom has entered the House of Commons and managed to murder several Members of Parliament while she was there after that, she managed to dissolve the parliament and appointed herself as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom - what would happen to her Majesty if such a scenario... show more

Best answer: Because he's very popular.

Why do I have 3 catalytic converters?

8 answers · Chevrolet · 3 days ago
I have a 2012 Chevy Silverado. Right after the headers there are two pre cats then they both go into one cat. Would it be illegal to take those off? Or what can I do with them, I want my truck louder

What is the tire pressures for Honda CRV 2011?

9 answers · Honda · 3 days ago