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It should be simple to back up this claim.

Or, at least, why are they in favor of dirty energy sources like coal and gas instead of renewables like solar or hydro-electric

Best answer: I don't know of any. You'll notice that Solar Wind says he has 6, but lists 3, two of which aren't peer reviewed and are pretty much garbage. The one that's not garbage (the second one) doesn't say anything about human activity and its effect on climate change at all. graphicconception steers... show more

I think it is time for those Demoncrats to show us how they are going to clean up the atmosphere. They can start by cleaning up the disease and drug needle infested cities under their control. Like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Show all of us how good you are.

Best answer: Conservatives fight science because it disagrees with their prejudices. Climate science is at the point now where it is making small changes to the models, and different models are converging, as the Koch foundation discovered. Only fools who deny evolution and the geologic age of the earth are dumb enough to... show more

Best answer: I'm a saint right now, and I always will be. Because I believe in Jesus, the Bible says I'm a saint. But I'm not a saint of "catholicism". Because catholicism is from the devil. . Every "pope" is a false prophet of satan. There is no "pope" in the Bible. Catholicism... show more

Best answer: The New Green Deal (aka the old red steal) was more like an attempt by a junior high school student to show she's smart and it succeeded in showing how smart she is. We all got to see what a total bag of rocks for brains she is and she got a D for effort. Laughably (only laughable because New Yorkers voted... show more

How is the new Green Deal going to stop Global Warming?

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Best answer: Not the real purpose. Just scaremongering. "You all gonna die in 12 years....." not much science there. Their demands for saving us seem all to familiar. More tax, more gov control, less freedom and lower living standards for you (which they try to deny). CO2 at 400 ppm (thats .04% or 400ths of ONE... show more

Global Warming...It's snowing in Hawaii?

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I would guess the "night parrot" in central Australia. Decimated because of feral cats, dogs and foxes, an cattle grazing practices. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-1...

Is climate change one of the biggest hoaxes that were spread by the Illuminati?

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Best answer: The New World Order global government needs global funding. Climate Change is a good excuse for a global tax. The UN is already in place. So is the World Bank. Carbon Tax, Carbon Credits, Carbon Exchanges and things like the Paris Accord are already collecting money. Where does it all go? It will eventually be... show more

Why are people in denial of climate change?

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Best answer: Nope - Class of 1960.

Best answer: Oh, that same type of button that would turn your brain on to realize there is no such button? Why are you embarrassing yourself with this non sense question. NEWSFLASH: there is no such switch to "turn the sun off". However, the switch to turn your brain on is through education, not ignorance.