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Does anyone think Jennifer Aniston has a nice body?

34 answers · Global Warming · 4 days ago
Best answer: If you like stick figures with no *** or ****, yes. I think a lot of actresses are way hotter than she is. I never understood why she was so "hot".

Please help! I blasphemed the Holy Spirit!?

13 answers · Green Living · 2 days ago
I spoke against the Holy Spirit in my head. I called Him names i shouldn't repeat. I wish i can undo it. I want Jesus to forgive me. I blaspheme everyday. It's a habitual sin. I just feel like I'm going to hell no matter what. I ask people what God tells them (because i no longer hear from God), like if... show more

How do you get dog urine and feces smell out of carpet?

16 answers · Global Warming · 4 days ago
Best answer: There's a product called "Nature's Miracle" which is available at pet stores, the internet, and often supermarkets. It is an enzyme deodorizer and cleaner which works very well.

Will garlic salt kill worms in my pitbull?

8 answers · Conservation · 6 hours ago

Best answer: Just because a man is "old" does not mean he cannot find younger women attractive. You appear to have a strange sense of what constitutes normal /abnormal " behaviour"

What should I do?

7 answers · Global Warming · 6 hours ago
I have been searching and applying for a job for over a year now and nobody will hire me. I have a college degree and I graduated with a 4.0 GPA. I have gone to professionals on help with my resume and I taken classes on how to act during interviews. I’ve been applying for jobs at fast food restaurants, gas... show more

Why aren't all chickens boneless?

10 answers · Global Warming · 5 days ago
Best answer: Because without bones, they would have to be carried around in a bucket.

Best answer: Rising from when? Last year? Last week? How much? How much in what time period? Records show the earth cooled before the current period. It was called the Little Ice Age. Before that, we had the Medieval warming period. A few hot summers is not a trend in geologic terms. 1/10th degree a decade is not... show more

What sides goes with philly cheesesteak sandwiches?

5 answers · Green Living · 6 hours ago
Best answer: Potato salad, Cole Slaw, French Fries. Not something cheesy or too salty, you want that contrast with the cheesestake.

Best answer: Hopefully, the party won't get Raided....

Best answer: I think the answer is obvious... though I doubt Reps would like to read it.

Best answer: In this section mainly newish anonymous or "activity private" users are being created to denigrate Dirac whoever he is because he/she has a different viewpoint to them, whoever they are. I saw a 2006 user account yesterday being described as one of his "sock accounts" by one of those accounts... show more

Naming twins May and June born on 05/31 & 06/01?

14 answers · Global Warming · 4 days ago
Best answer: May and June are pretty names a great choice.