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At their respective funerals, he showed no true emotions about being upset that they died. He didn't show any signs of being upset about it at any other time either. Does this man have no feelings? Is he a robot? Is he a reptile? what is wrong with this sick vile man? Or maybe he just doesn't like them. To... show more

Best answer: Absolutely true. Not just him, but you have his ex-national security advisor Michael Flynn, who recently pleaded guilty to a felony. And that's not including all the other crazy **** that's gone down, like Trump calling Jeff Sessions a retard, or Scott Pruitt's just plain bizarre hotel lotion thing. I... show more

Stone admitted to spreading FAKE NEWS on INFOWARS!! Not, CNN. Not MSNBC. Not the New York Times. INFOWARS!

Best answer: They're too busy on social media to bother with cruising.

Would you hire Michael Cohen to represent you in a court of law?

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$50,000 payment he received from the Trump Org for work he did on IT consulting for the campaign. Cohen doesn't know anything about IT. And the Trump Org paid it. So...? What do you think?

Why is everyone so against saying "Merry Christmas"?

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I know some people don't celebrate Christmas and that's ok but the majority of the US does so just say Merry Christmas and you can say happy holidays but why exclude Christmas!!! And I'll say this! Merry Christmas to everyone who deliberates it and to those of you who don't Happy holidays! See... show more

Why is there so many racists on this website?

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This is basically a "yes or no question".

Why are Democrats against building a border wall?

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Was Barack Obama a great president?

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Best answer: He led this country out of the 2008 economic recession. And was a decent and competent president.

It's clear Trump has Zero chance of winning in 2020?

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Still be seen as the good guys of the world, morally superior, noble people on a high horse who get to judge everyone else?

Best answer: I have not voted for a Republican since George H W Bush's first term, but I might make an exception if Mueller ran.