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Best answer: She has 1/1000th of percent Indian blood and only used her ancestry to gain status in law school over other white students.

Should I give up my puppy?

28 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
Best answer: My dog was a bit needy as a pup but he grew out of it. Hopefully yours will too.

Best answer: Play with him to keep him occupied. Get him a cat condo. Grow him some cat grass.. Get some window perches. Maybe consider a catio to give him confined outdoor time. Animals get used to habits and routines, so it will tske some time for him to adapt

My pitbull bit my baby in the face?

41 answers · Dogs · 3 days ago
My baby went up to my pitbull and pulled on its tail and the dog responded by biting my baby on the forehead. My baby's head bled profusely and my baby was hysterical. Please help.? The baby needed stitches when I took him in. But the dog continues to bark at the poor child whenever they are in the same room.

Why does my dog's butt smell like rotten eggs?

16 answers · Dogs · 23 hours ago
Whenever I smell my dog's butt a strong smell of rotten eggs fills my nose. It makes me want to throw up, what is causing this? Does my dog have cancer?

Does your dog like to dig holes?

13 answers · Dogs · 18 hours ago
Best answer: Occasionally, but she doesn't get a chance to dig more than a few inches before I tell her to stop

Best answer: Yes, it makes their dogs fat and obnoxious and reflects very poorly on the owners.

Do cats to to heaven?

18 answers · Cats · 2 days ago
Best answer: Wouldn't it be sweet if our dearly loved pets did go to heaven? Oh, damn, now I'm crying.

My sisters dogs constantly urinate in my bedroom. Most of the time I keep my bedroom door closed. The second I am not keeping an eye on my bedroom door (because my dog likes the door open, so I leave it cracked open while I am in there with my dog) her dogs go in my room and urinate on my stuff. It is so... show more

Do Hot Dogs have Dog meat in them?

11 answers · Dogs · 22 hours ago
Best answer: no but I buy only kosher hot dogs only since they are guaranteed all beef

Have anyone ever tried giving a dog cough syrup?

9 answers · Dogs · 14 hours ago
My Hispanic neighbor leaves her poor dog alone in the back yard all day, and most of the night while she’s on the back of a motorcycle. I can’t sugarcoat this, but if it wasn’t for me this dog would absolutely be dead. I have given this dog water, food, snacks, toys, and freed her when she got tangled up in her... show more

My dog has luxating patella?

10 answers · Dogs · 3 days ago
The vet says my chihuahua has luxating patella. He’s not in pain. He can still walk but his back legs collapse and he falls after a few steps. He’s able to get up on his own. He still manages to go up and down stairs but it’s more of a struggle now. I carry him up and down stairs if I manage to see him before he... show more

What breed of Dog is / was Scoobie-doo?

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Shouldn't there be an FBI investigation to look into the sexual relationship Larry Sinclair had with Barack Hussein Obama?

Big Dogs or Small Dogs?

10 answers · Dogs · 23 hours ago
I just really happen to love Big Dogs personally because their is more to hug with them and they're very fun to play fetch with. Small Dog's are nice for picking up and sitting on your lap but I love the breeds for big dogs. I love German Shepards ,Border Collies , Huskies , Golden Retrievers and Labs.