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Financially Irresponsible Spouse?

8 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 21 hours ago
I can honestly say that I have been taken for a idiot. I have been married for just under 6 years. Shortly after the honeymoon (and I mean on the drive home from the airport) she revealed to me that she had roughly $30k in credit card debt that she needed to pay off and wouldn't be able to save. While my... show more

I hate myself?

10 answers · Other - Family & Relationships · 3 days ago
Best answer: This one's rubbish, tell me the one about the three bears and the bowls of porridge instead.

Marriage and health insurance?

9 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 5 days ago
I've been engaged 4 years now. Mother of 3, 2 grown sons and one who is 15. My fiancé has one son. We both work, have good jobs except I have a large deductible on my health ins and big monthly premiums. He has no deductible, wouldn't cost one dime more if I and my son we're on his if we were... show more

Need consoling.?

5 answers · Family · 4 days ago
Best answer: Sigh......well, many people are sucky parents, dear. Sorry your mom is one of them.

What is your typical day like?

14 answers · Singles & Dating · 7 hours ago

Am I in an abusive marriage?

36 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 2 days ago
So we’ve only been married 3 months. I’m wondering if I should try to work this out or leave. I have fibromyalgia. I’ve been with him for two years. He knows my condition. I’m in pain every single day. It takes me a good hour just to feel normal in the morning after I wake up. On the weekends he wants sex the... show more

Best answer: Perhaps you should do as the Romans and start walking around naked too.

My wife left me for another man. How to stop the painful feeling?

35 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 2 days ago

Is it normal to want sex everyday?

11 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 23 hours ago
Best answer: Well, no. If you wanted it every day, all day, you might have a problem.

Husband bosses me around like I’m a child ? Normal ?

24 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 2 days ago
I want a divorce and don’t love him- he has no sense to understand I’m serious ! Anyways, his father is an executive and was very domineering to he and his mom and siblings. My grandma paid cash for my house and he was supposed to reimburse her and never did . He claims she “bought him the house as a gift and it’s... show more

Best answer: You get out and never look back. File for divorce immediately.

I pay child support for my 15 year old daughter monthly. My ex uses the money to support my daughter and the other 2 kids because their dads are not on court mandated child support. They are self-employed and barely give her anything. Since the child support I'm paying is supporting 4 people, my daughter did... show more