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I love to cook, it's one of the many things im passionate about and I cook breakfast for my dad and my brothers. I also cook them dinner a couple nights out the week. I suffer from anxiety and depression and it's one of the many ways I can escape and have a little bit of peace. I don't cook for my mom... show more

Be honest, have you ever bullied someone?

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Even though I've never had it I'm sure it is lifes greatest pleasure than one can experience. I'm not a virgin because I'm ugly either. In fact I'm somewhat the opposite. I've just lived as such a recluse for so long due to debilitating social anxiety. I also have little confidence. I... show more

Why do men brag to you about all the women he's had sex with?

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You barely even know the guy and he's telling you about all the girls he's had sex with why would anyone do this?? Is it supposed to be a turn on because it's not

AN OVERPRICED CITY. would be ok living in one?

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Should I leave my wife?

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Best answer: That’s sad I’m very sorry

How would you describe your sex appeal?

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Husband won't let me take one day off from work?

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I never ever take off from work. That's the problem. I am exhausted and I just need a break. No matter how much I cry and plead, my husband shows no mercy. He keeps saying we'll go to bed early and we need every dime to pay bills. We both have good jobs. I make 12 an hour and he's an Electrician and... show more

Why am I so alone if apparently I’m attractive?

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Best answer: Well, I just had to make a whole new yahoo account to answer your question because my old one didn’t work to answer this. Ok, so I am a sophomore in high School, hear me out. Attractive girls are very hard to approach. It’s very hard for me, I have to bite the bullet and go for it whenever talking to a girl. (Im... show more

Do you ever think there is a reason why some people get rejected?

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Some people in the family who don't deserve it get expensive things we splash out when it comes to us we get stuff from poundshops why can this be and what should I do