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These two were together 8 years.They have 4 kids.2 hers.2 his.Him never home, not liking to kiss, touch, have sex, etc.Explicitly sexy convos found on his phone with many women.He said it was all 1 woman under multiple different numbers staulking him.He asked for sex advice which turned into her being suicidal if... show more

Can anyone turn 18 without any knowledge of sex?

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I mean the concept of marriage and reproduction. like "Saints" or something?

Is pre-marital sex bad?

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I mean I obviously know that random sex with random people is bad, which I honesty have to say I’m guilty of in the past. But is pre-marital sex with my girlfriend who I love with all my heart a sin? I never cheat, wouldn’t even think about it. And me and her always talk about the future and getting married, and... show more

I don’t understand why a dating couple/married couple would want a threesome and have another person join in their sex. I feel it’s really disrespectful and I consider it cheating.

Why does my husband masturbate daily in the shower?

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I have been with my husband for a few years now and the sex life is fantastic. We are romantic and passionate and we try different things and we both agree that there is no problem with anything in our life. We are a happy married couple and we have sex almost daily. But yet I still find him sneaking masturbation... show more

Best answer: Red, and it's just one.

How to convince my principal to give me my phone back?

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i got caught cheating and got my phone taken away please help

What songs will you play at your wedding?

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Best answer: Happy Together Chris Brown - Forever, etc.

How to not be rude when setting a wedding date!?

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My fiancé and I have been together for 8 years. We are engaged this month and would like to get married on paper December 2019. I want to have our wedding June 2020. My best friend from college was engaged before me, December 2019 and set her wedding date for November 2020. We share a lot of friends, and her... show more

The kid is not real blood. She already has a biological daughter, but couldn’t have a second kid so she adopted her “son”.

Did I do something wrong?

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Me and my friend both need money, there is a job at a department store. My friend found the job first and planned to apply but I faked a headache and got sent home from school early and applied. I got the job and now my friend is angry at me. As far as I am concerned I got their first, if you want something in... show more

Girlfriend takes two hour baths?

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at least 3 times out of a week my gf takes baths where she is in there for two hours. how does someone sit in a tub that long? not only that but our tub is a round and she fills to the rim, it's a waste of water and increases the water bill. isn't this odd?

My mom is just naturally getting old and my dad has Parkinson's. As time moves forward it gets harder and harder for my mom to do things for them, so me and my sister help out. My life has been on hold for a while because I have to do things for them and I'm getting tired of doing it. I want to move on and... show more

What does sex feel like?

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Best answer: Noooo … you don't actually know the circumstances or what is really going on with these people. Some people do not want to know and will get mad at the person who tells them …. plus - if you told him he might actually do harm to them. If she is a cheater -- he will probably catch her himself sooner or later.