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So, you don't know me, but I will just tell you what I want to write about. I feel like when I was 23, I had no purpose in life. College was done, I had no job, no job offers out of my interviews, etc. I finally caught a break to go to grad school and then I got hired right away after. During the end of... show more

What did u do for work experience?

8 answers · Las Vegas · 2 days ago
I’m in year 10 now and we have to do work experience this year. I’m wanting to do something fun and that I’ll enjoy, but unfortunately, something like working in a cafe won’t be even a good idea as I have very bad social anxiety and won’t be able to cope with having to talk to multiple different people. thankyou.

Is that because you are a little bit racists and you have a small problem with her skin colour?

Best answer: I would upturn the table and exit in haste if you dared to insult me with any such offerings.

Her exact words were "to finif wid thofe yankeef onfe and fov all".

Best answer: What wankerbiker does with his fat niece is his business, leave him be.

Best answer: Troll, Archie has never stayed on holiday at a Douglas B&B.

Best answer: Our local undertaker says he's mad for her and always has been. He says she has an amazing pallor for a live woman.

Best answer: I think it's the Wankerbiker

Best answer: The good Sir Prince has watched that film so many times that he can quote from it. I think that's why he was thought to be always saying the wrong thing, he was quoting the gibberish but, people naturally assumed, that he was insulting them.

Idea: Aliens have no king and queen?

4 answers · San Cristóbal de las Casas · 4 days ago
and if gods don't exists, then they don't either?

Best answer: It does indeed.

Is Danny Baker in line for a New Year honour?

4 answers · Bangalore · 6 days ago
Best answer: Yes, at least a "Sir Lord"

Are you proud of Britain's history in Ireland?

12 answers · Dublin · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: No I am somewhat dismayed about Britain's history in Ireland

Best answer: They have a bloke from the Isle of Man doing it.

Is Meghan merkle gonna name the son, Master Archie?

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