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Help, my rain barrel fills up too quickly, yikes, what should I do?!?

5 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 8 hours ago
When I am not home to empty the big barrel, it flows over and rain water floods the house. Is there anyone who knows a solution for a not very handy person?

Neighbour keeps coming into my back garden?

18 answers · Other - Home & Garden · 2 days ago
Our neighbour keeps coming into our back garden (a fence is down) without permission and keeps cutting our grass and looking into the house.I am a single mum and he keeps on bothering me what can I do.

Republicans, where do you learn about science?

10 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 8 hours ago
Name some journals, websites, authors, etc.

Best answer: Daylight should be the deciding factor. As long as you can see what you are doing, the neighbors should be happy that you cut your grass...not like my neighbors.

Urine-like smell on Denim shorts/jeans after washing?

11 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 2 days ago
I have a pair of Denim shorts and Jeans and whenever I wash them, they emit this urine-like smell when dried. And no, I did not piss on them at all. What is the cause of this and how do I get rid of them? (My family uses cheap detergent. Would things improve if i get actually good detergent?)

How often do you paint your walls?

25 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 4 days ago

For men, is it okay to wear the same briefs two days in a row?

6 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 10 hours ago
Best answer: One is supposed to change everyday. But if all you did was lounge around the house all day, you can get away with wearing them more than a day.

To prevent raccoon entering attic, electric fence is useless?

9 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago
Raccoon has its smart access to my roof:: from ground, the neighbor's tree, wood fence ,, up wood pergola, then my gutter edge, gutter downspout, and then soffit, into attic. I viewed many websites and videos saying that the most effective way is electric fence. Question:1: Hot line and Ground line of electric... show more

Ways to lower your AC costs this summer?

14 answers · Other - Home & Garden · 4 days ago

Do you sleep in a recliner rather than on a bed?

6 answers · Other - Home & Garden · 1 day ago
Best answer: I have an adjustable bed like in hospitals so that I can sleep with my head elevated slightly. You might want to give one a shot. Bigger furniture stores in the U.S. often have them to try out. I tried one years ago and immediately said I didn't ever want to sleep flat again.

House in need of home repairs?

25 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 5 days ago
Hey there, friends. I’m in a pickle rn. My family just received a lumsum of money due to a death in the family. My grandma wants to fix all of the things wrong with the house. There’s extensive repairs that need to be done. However, there’s more that needs to be fixed than there is money... What’s the best way to... show more

Best answer: Assuming you are keeping it sufficiently watered, that strawberry plant has a serious problem, to the point where I suspect it won't survive. Too much water seems the most likely reason. That pot it's in does have a hole in the bottom, right? Too much water causes the roots to rot, and the plant to... show more

Best answer: Grass is cooler than concrete. Grass cools itself and its surroundings by the evapotranspiration process. Each grass blade acts as an evaporative cooler. You should be able to feel the temperature differential with your hand.

Should an upright freezer sit on something in a basement?

5 answers · Other - Home & Garden · 12 hours ago
Best answer: Depends on the basement. If it is normally dry and clean, and there is a concrete or other "non-dirt floor", then the floor. If the basement is prone to water leaks from the outside or a dirt floor, then installing a floor, perhaps raised, would be appropriate.

How to use these?

7 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 2 days ago
How are the KROKEN hooks from ikea used?