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Best answer: Yes, I think so :)

I either have to pull them higher than I want them to or struggle with the muffin top bulge... also difficult to walk in them, am I the only one with this complaint? Low rise jeans never give me this problem.

For example a store ad says "Regular price $999 but on sale for $149!" Can you really trust them or are they always lying?

Why won’t my mom buy me bras?

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Best answer: Aerie! I haven’t worn American Eagle since high school, but my 27 year old self will still go buy bras there. They are so comfy and well made. They can be on the pricy side if you don’t catch a sale (which they have often), but they do last forever. PLUS, they use real girls in all of their ads. As a parent, I... show more

Best answer: The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a good place. My husband and I shopped there when we were remodeling our store, or when we need things, like a screen replaced in our living rorummY went for a screen (which we got) and walked out with a new long cushy sofa for $70. I also agree with CraigsList and thrift... show more

How to fix up soles of my shoes?

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I wear Converse shoes every day to school barefoot (i'm one of those girls who hates socks lol) and every time i come home and take them off, the insoles thingys inside, they almost come straight out of the shoes, because of sweating feet in them, and theu feel slippery. My parents havent noticed because i only... show more

Does anybody seriously still shop in store with ebates available??

What type of clothing do you wear?

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Best answer: Classic sexy I call it. Suede boots, kashmir sweaters, short skirts, nylon pantyhose, italian and french lingerie.

Best answer: Of course they are sold to the general public. If everyone that wore athletic gear was an athlete, athletes would be the number one profession. If you like them and can afford them by all means wear them.