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Me: "Why do you think youre entitled to free healthcare?" Liberal: "Come on man. Its 2018. Get with the times". Me: "Why do you want to commit genocide against the jews and take over the world?" Hitler: "Come on man. Its 1936. Get with the times." Me: "Why do you... show more

don't answer lo mcg. I don't like you

Best answer: You probably can't help feeling that way because for sure people may be looking at you. But honestly, when I see people out with others who are 'disabled', it's heartwarming and special. You'll become more comfortable when you think less about what others might be thinking of you, go out with... show more

And I don't just mean the cities. The smaller towns and traditional farming communities throughout the nation are now fully non white. The whites there have abandoned the country to make way for the black and brown incomers. Look at America and England. Two racially pure white countries. It's a shame... show more

He died last year. Didn't get to do much of anything.

Of them

Best answer: I did and I am still with him 17 years later, he can read but cant put pen to paper as he cant spell, its not dyslexia but could be something similar

Best answer: Legally nothing can be done. You move on.

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Last school year I had a huge crush on my professor. He hit on me a few times at the beginning of the year but I wasn't interested and didn't respond back. Later in the year, I started to like him though but didn't do anything about it. Then I mildly flirted with him a few times but not intensely. Just... show more

Can autism be a genetic thing?

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Best answer: I have studied about ADHD a lot and ADHD definitely has a genetic connection to autism and basically what is actually really common is people getting different connected disorders in the family instead of the same thing. Your child might turn out to have ADHD instead, or have dyslexia or some other learning... show more