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We stayed the last 3 months without paying rent to anyone because we couldn't figure out who to give the checks too. Then our lease ended and we moved out. We have been waiting for anyone to send us a notice of collections or anything and it has been 6 months. Is it fairly safe to assume that we're home... show more

I work a part time job and want to know and I was thinking to save $2,000 and was also thinking of working a 2nd job. And is this the right amount that I need to move out?

My landlord seems to think toilets are unnecessary and we've been without a functioning toilet for 6 days now.

When my husband and I applied for our apartment complex (which allows animals) we put down on our application that we have a dog. However, whenever we signed the lease, he wasn’t added onto it but we didn’t notice because we were moving last minute and the apartment manager gave us our keys right before the office... show more

Can I ask who the first bider is or details about their bid to better prepare myself for a counter bid?

Both on the tenancy agreement we split up now she’s moved out Do I have to tell them or no ? Iv not signed any contract since we moved in , 3 years ago is that right ? I’m happy to stay pay the bills rent as normal

A room? A place? like, "My ___ is located near downtown" In a commercial hotel, it would be, "My hotel is near downtown" If you book a place on airbnb, what would you call the place?

Anybody dealt with section 8?

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Anybody dealt with section 8 before? What rights does someone on your lease have? I wanna add someone to secure a bigger place but don’t wanna screw myself over if they would be able to make decisions regarding MY housing

I rented a house and I noticed that the landlord has tried to block off the crawl space with a bunch of cinder blocks. When I asked about getting access down there, they refused and said I wouldn’t need to. Is this legal? Shouldn’t a crawl space be fully accessible? There is also a lingering mildew smell in the... show more

Hi, I am 20 yrs old and me and my boyfriend were planning on moving in with each other. I saw online that you should be making 3x the rent, could we combine our salaries or is it only one of our salaries? I'm the only one who has been credit and it is average will my credit be okay for renting an apartment? Is... show more

Can my landlord install a gate?

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I recently moved Into a rental and there is a fence, but no gate. Lol my neighbors caught someone in my backyard and that freaks me out. I have a 2 YO son and now feel a bit unsafe. It is bad enough that we have no deadbolts and legally we are required to have them. I have discussed this with the landlord since... show more

I was denied 2 apartments so far and lost application fees. Should I sue him for defamation or something?

has anybody done this or tried?

Ok. So long story short. Let's say there's someone with a full time self employed job and a kid and he has made a few wrong decisions in the past and is now trying to get out of debt, mainly with the IRS and credit cards. And this was mainly a result from trying to do the right thing by getting health... show more

i lived in an apartment complex for a year and left when my lease was up, but they put a bunch of stuff on my credit and it’s actualy a lot. the other day i drive by and noticed it’s got a completely different name and everything’s painted different and there’s different signs and stuff. i googled the old name... show more