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Best answer: Just go to a bank directly and open an account there. Also you might be better off going to a smaller, more local bank. The big banks do these kinda dumb things from time to time and don't particularly care if it annoys their customers. Not saying they didn't have good reason for turning you down just... show more

Is saving $1,400 a month good at 19?

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Best answer: You must work for a company which offers a 401k in order to have one. If you are self employed, you can put money into an IRA which generally acts the same.

Is this theft?

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So I am 16 and have my own bank account. I make my own money but my mom is on the account because I'm a minor. She threatened to take MY money that I earn from my job. Is that theft? Yes she is on the account but its my hard worked money but she thinks she can go in and take it. Please help me by tellinge I can... show more

Best answer: No you don't. Anything that was hers before marriage remains her sole property. Even after marriage, property she inherits remains hers.

I m 16 so I can t have a bank account without someone over 18 linked to the card. I can not transfer the funds back because I m underage so they won t allow those privileges and won t stop her from taking the money out either. I tried locking my account as well but it doesn t stop transfers from her card. I already... show more

I receive about $1500 a month from my mom. She sends me small amounts on cash app that I then transfer to my bank account. I transfer $400 at a time almost. I’m wondering if I should check and see if I need to pay taxes because the payments are from a family member and not from me selling any sort of item. Also,... show more

How can i save money?

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i’m a server & also a high school student (lol). i work about 4-5 days out of the week and usually make almost 300 or around there… it really depends on the days if we’re busy or not you know? but anyways yeah & we also get paid every week and my deposit is usually 20-40$ and that usually goes to my Apple... show more

Best answer: Keeping a large amount of cash is not very smart. Keeping it in a bank allows you write checks, pay with a debit card, send money electronically, and (in some cases) make a little interest. Furthermore, it's a lot safer in a bank. If any kind of fraud occurs, you are fully protected.

Is it good to have both?

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Is it good or bad to have both a 401k and Roth IRA?

I'm re-posting an earlier question due to poorly phrasing it. I was not asking if this was enough for retirement. I was wondering if this amount would make you feel financially secure at the age of 58. - And, while you are still working.

I need help! What can I do!?

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I just turned 17 just yesterday, I have money saved.. but I wanna know which bank doesn’t give monthly fees, also do my parents need social security number..they are not from here but they said they’ll open it with me but the problem is they are not from the USA..which is more stressful to me bc legally you can... show more

I have 7000 in my savings. I make 3200 a month take home pay. I’ve been doubling my car payments but should I just pay it off and start saving from there?

Best answer: Sure. With today's technology, you can live anywhere and use any bank.

So i came out to my family as gay last summer im debating if i should visit them for the holidays. . My aunt told me it was wrong for being gay and that I am going to hell. She said she was leaving and my dad said no this is your moms house. Aunt said you were right about him. Every since i came out he has treated... show more

Can I afford a $17,000 car?

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Best answer: You can afford it. As to a "wise decision" that depends on the soundness of the car. Spend some bucks and have a mechanic check it out (or buy "certified and warranteed" at a dealership). >> Price insurance, too. That is a major expense. Some people save a small fortune using public... show more

How to get money for a gaming pc?

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I can't get a job because nobody near me is hiring, its snowing so I could go shovel snow. Any other ideas on ways to make money, lets say in this manner.