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i’m confused about my health insurance deductible. i was hospitalized in october, november, and in december 2018. however, my health insurance company, united healthcare, did not process my claim from october 2018 until january 2019. so they say i did NOT meet my deductible and therefore have to pay the full... show more

My job offers free lunch ($100 per paycheck) which we pay taxes on, thus the “free” aspect. But, unlike 401K and health insurance, the lunch is added to our gross income and then deducted. Does that mean that my salary is actually $2600 more (26 pay periods times 100)?

Are babies sexist?

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Best answer: milk delivery systems...

So I'm going on a mini cruise to Amsterdam in a few weeks time and the company with whom I've chosen my package with are telling me to get travel insurance. I have told them that I don't want travel insurance and have been told that I will need to sign an indemnity form. I have applied for an ehic card... show more

Am I covered?

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Best answer: Your vandalism insurance will NOT cover a tenant's damage. That is what a security deposit is for and you will have to sue your tenant for damages over and above that amount. Insurance that covers vandalism is vandalism NOT within a unit that a tenant occupied but vandalism to the building in general, when... show more

Im 21, just moved im with relatives no job right now, gonna start school soon but I can't find a cheap plan to save my life. They want more than a hundred dollars a month with the "obamacare" market and even getting on my mother's plan would knock the premium another few hundred. What do I do... show more

Best answer: If you said life insurance, then "possible", since an agent could sell you a policy that pays a big commission on 1 policy vs another. But with homeowners, most is pretty standard and covers the same things. thus there should be no reason for an agent to lie at all. The same goes for a auto policy. ... show more

I am having the hardest time getting in touch with a rep from disability regarding maternity leave in California. I plan on goin on leave in the next month from one of my jobs but I plan on staying part time at my second job where I am able to bring my baby with me to do my work duties and was wondering if this... show more

It's ridiculous.

I bought insurance in December of last year & have paid two installments. I pay 180 every month as a new driver, but I decided to pay the remaining balance upfront as 700$. Now I don't know if that is a discount or if paying upfront covers for half the year

Recently received notice that my insurance company is raising my rate because they made a mistake and gave me the wrong rate in the first place. I am beyond angry with this, is there any way I can fight this?!

I chose regular medicare, so I don't have to ask a primary Dr. if I can do anything. Do most people choose a plan where they have to waste time running to their primary Dr. to get permission for everything? I think this is not only dangerous, but it's a waste of time having to run to to two Drs. I honestly... show more

Would the family be required to return the money, even though they didn't actually defraud the insurance company, because they believed their loved one was dead? Does it depend on how much money was given, or what the money was used for? Like, if the money was only enough for the funeral and other final... show more

It’s througg my employer, it would be $16 a week instead of $25, what does it mean? Is it still health insurance? Will I have to pay co-pays and deductibles? How does it differ from “classic” health insurance and would it cover my whole bill for a hospital visit?

Best answer: You file Form 1040X to "amend" (change) what you filed in 2018. You would NOT prove it immediately. You must send the Form 1040X without any proof. If proof is required, then it will requested later. You must wait until then to "prove" something. If you are requested to prove it, then you... show more