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Asking for a friend. Also how much oil should be added to get it to the correct level?

Best answer: Take it to any auto parts store. They dont care whether you buy new from them. Also, a lot of the dump grounds, (Waste Management Facilities) take it for free. Look up your county and see.

How can chip tuning help your car?

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Best answer: The manual just TOLD you to do that.

Bought a used car from a dealer about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately there is vibration within the car when traveling at 60mph+ due to the rear tyres being deformed with. (Not a true circle when looking at the tyre). Had the car at a tyre fitter and they say the tyres required to be replaced. I understand wear and tear... show more

I recently took over my husband's old car which had 5 stickers on the back of the body. Since I hated those stickers, I decided to remove all of them. By using rubbing alcohol, I was able to remove 4 of them but the last one has kind of plastic ish texture and totally unremovable! I checked a lot of websites... show more

I have a 2009 Kia Sedona and the engine block blew so I want to replace the engine with a another or go a different rout by putting a better engine in it that will fit

Best answer: Mr Honda included that bolt in the design and manufacture process because they felt it was necessary. Hopefully it's one of the upper bolts and as long as the cover doesn't leak oil, you'll be right until you need to remove the cover again, in which case, remove the remains of the bolt. For future... show more

I feel like the worlds biggest idiot. I probably am. I’ve had my car since March 2018 and most of the time I’ve had it, my boyfriend would fill up my gas but yesterday I was rushing after I got off work and had to go get my hair done. Went to the gas station because I had a little less than halfway left on gas. I... show more

I’m replacing my therm housing unit on my car, do I need to drain all the coolant first?

Burnt clutch smell, please help?

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Best answer: At least if you stalled it the clutch disc isn't fried yet. Of course it's going to smell for awhile. Smarten up unless you want to remember what it's like to ride a bicycle.

What does that mean? I drive a Honda Accord, if that helps. My car is driving fine (just a slight jerking every now and then, but that's another issue i'll get fixed). The fact that it did that then stopped worries!

GM recommends Dexos in all newer GM s. Does Ford have a specialty oil that they recommend/prefer? Especially something that won t void a warranty