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My car runs great and shows I have 14 watts but when I have the heat running and am at a stop light it drops to almost 9 on the gauge. And when I hit the rear defrost the lights on the dash get dimmer. Is my car battery going bad? I put a new alternator in a year ago. Starts ok but the dash gets dim when i'm at... show more

Locate turn signal flasher?

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How much to fix head gasket?

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Best answer: Don’t buy it. If the head gasket went, it’s most likely because the water pump impeller eroded and the engine over-heated repeatedly. Along with the head gasket and water pump, you’ll have to do both exhaust manifolds. If they haven’t started leaking yet, they will soon. The front cats also develop holes on top... show more

I have a car i want to junk soon. There is a hill a couple miles away from my house that seems the perfect hill. So how far from the hill do i have to be before i start? and also, how much speed should i gain before i reach this hill?

Best answer: I could use vibrations

the car is an MPV 1,650 kg if that matters at all

My car is poop. Died at a stop.?

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There's a weird kind of whirring noise along side me turning it over, but that's it. It does not start. I'm thinkin' Fuel Pump. There's lights, dings, and power to the windows. I'm pretty sure it's not the battery or the altenator. No bad smells. No smoke. No alarming noises. No... show more

Best answer: This is easy. The light comes on at a certain mileage to remind you to check the oil and filter and change them. Why don't you wait for the light before doing the oil change and stop wasting oil? Read your owner's manual.

Removing spray paint?

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What’s the best way to remove spray paint from plastic??

Best answer: no light for blown transmission. but as you probably know now is the transmission is toast. sitting there revving the wheels and no going anywhere overheated the transmission. expect a good sized bill for a rebuild if you got it hot enough to take a planetary gear out also. find local shop at ATRA.COM for a... show more

I’m gonna take my ‘06 Honda Accord to the shop first thing in the morning and I want to get these wheel locks removed so I don’t have to worry about the headache of trying to get them off in case of a flat tire since I don’t have a key. If I ask the shop to remove the wheel locks, is it possible I can just get... show more

Best answer: it doesn't have one

I have a 2005 2.0D Volvo s40 which I just bought, the guy said it ran fine prior but has been sat in a garage for 3 months, it had 1/4 of a tank of fuel but I filled it up to a full tank 3/4 hours after starting it, it takes 3/4 seconds for the car to start and sounds fine when in neutral but doesn t build revs... show more

In a multi unit carburetor, what would cause one slide to close quicker than the other? I would assume the diaphragms are messed up but they seem perfectly fine and sealing. Do I need a new carb?

Best answer: Without knowing the make and model it is not possible to give an exact answer Some possibilities: Power for interior lights Power to a high mounted brake light Power to visor vanity mirrors Power to accessories such as DVD players