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Tire size question?

9 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: In a pinch, Maggy, yes, you could use a pair of 225/65/R17 sized tires temporarily. Not ideal but for short tern they would be acceptable. However, please be aware the wider section width tire will degrade the handling, stability and control aspects of your automobile. Plus, the fact that they are used and... show more

so i have a 93 prelude 5 speed manual and the car will start up fine and drive fine but it has started randomly happening i thought it was my cv axle because it seemed to happen when driving and the boOt is ripped but it started happing when i was stopped idling in neutral IT SOUNDS SIMILAR TO THE SOUND OF HAVING... show more

I asked my friend if he thought I could stab my pen into the seat and make a hole. He said "Idk, try" so I did. I came home after the bus driver and principal had talked to me and I may be getting In School Suspension. It was about a little less than a quarter inch. I don t know why they wouldn t just put... show more

Best answer: Best to check the oil while the engine is running. You may need six quarts.....

I am trying to purchase a 2008 Cadillac CTS, when inspecting the vehicle, it has a loud knocking noise, after running for a bit the noise will quiet down, then get loud again, the volume is not consistent. The seller claims a mechanic inspected it and believes it is a collapsed hydraulic lifter that needs to be... show more

Best answer: Why do you want to push a car with the transmission in first gear? If you push it in neutral, it will push a lot easier. If the point is to turn the engine to make it start, because the starter is not working, then you could push it and let the clutch pedal up with the ignition on, and the engine may start. Why... show more

The idea is to make the spider gears harder to move

I'm new to detailing and was thinking of looking into using sealants and waxes on my car. If you clay, polish, seal and wax your car, how do you go about waxing it again a few months later? Are you supposed to do it all over again or is there a way to focus on the wax (because all that work sounds really... show more

Could low oil be the problem? I know I need to change it I haven’t changed the oil for a year since I bought it. I’m going to do that as soon as possible. What else could be the problem if that doesn’t help

Power Window Wont Roll Up?

4 answers · 1 day ago
My passenger window in my 2010 Chrysler 300 is all the way down, but will not roll up from either the passenger switch or the driver side switch. Any ideas on what it could be??

Best answer: It might just be a problem from old fuel. If this vehicle has not been driven a lot and had a lot of gas in it then suspect just "bad gas". Because it is not tripping any error codes I don't think it is either of those you mention! A new fuel filter might fix the problem. On the subject of filters a... show more