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Best answer: Oregon minimum limits is 25/50/20. 25/50 is for injuries and the 20 is for property damages. Car parked and hit, there is NO dispute of fault. Now the question is of the delay, since it is possible that the drunk's insurance needed to verify if the drunk was insured or not and if so, then can't pay a... show more

For example if I borrow a friend's car and get in to an accident, my insurance would cover any damages and injuries and not his insurance. If the car has no insurance it will when only I'm driving it. Is this possible?

Best answer: If she didn't hit anything she wasn't in a hit and run, she was just driving like an idiot. Probably nothing will happen unless somebody filmed her and put it on YouTube.

I was involved in a 5 car accident. A car in the far right lane of a 4 lane highway spun out heading left and hit 4 vehicles, myself included. My car was badly damaged to the point it had to be towed and was deemed unsafe to drive. I was taken to the ER via ambulance. This occurred out of state. So my car was towed... show more

How many accidents?

So I im 19, have only a learners permit and i recently purchased a vehicle, in the state of michigan can I legally get insurance & register the vehicle in my name to drive without a full licence , please keep in mind I will still be supervised as i only have a learner permit but is this enough to get me going ,... show more

The story: parent owns a really old car, gives it to son (NOT a student - in his 30s) but car is kept in parent's name/ownership; son insures car in his own name, then moves to another state. Is it ok to keep the registration in the parent's name and in the parent's state, or MUST registration be... show more

Best answer: IF, you did not buy full coverage which means both collision and comprehensive to protect the (lender), then even if you have GAP, then GAP pays zero. GAP pays (after) insurance pays if the vehicle is totaled or stolen, and what is (not) paid, then GAP takes over what insurance did not pay. So (if) no... show more

My brother had gotten a car from a previous owner and he was in the process of getting the car title from the owner however my brother died before he could get the car title in his name, however he already purchased the car. My brother fell in love with the car and he would just sit and relax in it when he was... show more

Best answer: Nope. That is what you pay your insurance for. You claim with yours and your insurance does not want to pay it so will go after the other person (who is at fault) and take it from his insurance money pile. Let the insurance companies play their game. That is how it works. You cannot approach the other insurance... show more

Should I pay for her repairs and car rental or just go through my insurance? There is no cost to me to go through insurance, I have no deductible and first accident forgivesness. The only thing is my rates will go up if I have a second accident if I file a claim. I've been with my insurer for several years.

Best answer: I might be wrong here...but I think getting out on the road and driving, over time, will build your confidence. If you don't feel confident driving alone and or need support, ask a friend or family member to go with you. Going too slow (especially on a freeway) can be dangerous too, but take your show more

girlfriend (not on my insurance policy) used my car to hit another car. While reversing she backed into a parked car and bent the other car's door. My car is fine outside of a small tiny scratch. no one was injured, no one was in the parked car. How bad is this situation? i dont want my insurance to high... show more

The other just has a few scratches on the side door well anyway Police came and went to court for no insurance. I now have to pay the deductable on that car. I was told to call in to find out how much I owe so I can come in with a money order. But now that I called again they are telling me they can't find my... show more

Car insurance help?

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Best answer: By (law) in most states, if the cost to fix is more than 75% to 85% of the ACV (actual cash value) of what your car is worth, then yes, they will total it and pay you ACV, in other words, if not for this accident, how much could you have sold your car for. You do have 2 options which depends in which state you... show more