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I got a photo radar ticket on jan 22 and u got a new licence plate on january 28 because i have to renew my licence at the end of the month but i decided to change licence plate cop is behind me and take picture of my car . I was speeding on 100kmh . Was speeding 115kmh ... I didnt realize my speed because i... show more

A 1991 suburban was hit while parked, is the increase in insurance worth reporting it to insurance in Oregon if the suburban owner is willing to fix damages without insurance ?should a lawyer be contacted?

I have liability coverage and no uninsured motorist coverage. I had to stay at the hospital for three days and had to get surgery done. My car flipped over and is totally gone. There’s a lot of damage done to it. The other driver is a 21 year old male. No drivers license. No insurance at all. What should I do???

I'm in my last semester of college and want to buy my first car as soon as possible when I get my bachelor's. I don't know what type of job I'll have or how much money I'll make...still working with career coaches to get ready to apply. But how much does it cost to pay for insurance and stuff?... show more

Auto Insurance situation, help ?

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I was on an accident on 2-13-19 and my whole front end was damaged on my F150 prior to that on 2-10-19 i opened an insurance policy with insurance X but didn't cancel my current insurance Y. So when the accident happened Insurance X said they will pay for my repairs but also Insurance Y said they wanted to... show more

I already have the permit, I applied for the appointment for the drivers test but I didn’t took any driving courses. I learned it from my dad, Are they a requirement? Thanks, I’m in CT btw

If someone drives someone’s car and hits let’s say a poll, should the driver pay for the damages? The drive asked if they could get a ride, but the “owner” suggested that the person take the car. Now before you say hell yeah, the driver was willing to pay the insurance deductible blah blah blah. But to the... show more

Best answer: You can be sued at any time, by anyone. But you are also innocent until proven guilty. In order for someone to sue you for *almost* causing an accident they would have to prove to the judge that your *almost* accident cause actual damage or loss. For example if a truck driver had to slam on their brakes so hard... show more

Do I need to first get Ohio plates? Or can I go to Georgia with the temporary tags and get plates there?

I'm buying a car today from an individual, I will add insurance the moment that I make my purchase but the secretary of state will be close until tuesday for presidents day. Will I have any problems driving the car with no plate or leaving it outside my house? I do not have garage or driveway

H driving premit if you're over 18?