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Why can't I drive across the ocean?

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Best answer: No class. I always tipped taxi drivers, unless they were rude or something. Uber drivers are like the same thing. Even if you just tip a buck, it's something.

Best answer: It's so that drivers will become aware and accustomed to a new light in that location before it becomes fully operational.

Best answer: Yes, I honked at someone yesterday who was getting too close even touching the line marking. You don't know if they're gonna change lanes or what. I've been honking my horn a lot lately. So many bad drivers who don't want to give way.

People tell me align the middle of your windshield to the middle of the fence infront of me. Is there any other ways?

What is it like to commute in 101 degrees hot weather? Driving in the car, 25 miles to work and 25 miles after work back to home

Why do certain drivers prefer driving faster even if there are cameras? I tend to stick to the 50 mark or at least try not to go faster than 55. I move lanes because certain drivers don’t care about the speed limit, tailgating the heck out of me! Don’t they get flashed? Thanks

Best answer: Honestly i would rather make $2-4 less an hour then have a very long commute. Plus this has a negative impact on your car as it will depreciate quickly when you put alot of miles on it. I would either move close to the job or get a different job.

Roundabout lanes?

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If an exit is after 12oclock but is ‘straight ahead’ if you are in the right hand lane do u signal right or not. I find this all very confusing

Is Uber worth the cost?

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A friend of mine needs a new job, but he doesn't have a vehicle. He is currently working close enough to home to walk. Would taking an Uber to work everyday (about 20 miles round trip) be worth it? Just trying to give him some options. Thanks!

Best answer: The town where I live is in a rural area. People here who work in the nearest large city have to drive at least 55 miles, one way, to work, 5 days a week, and they think nothing of it. That's at least 110 miles they're commuting every day, in all sorts of weather.

Best answer: " Is it ok for me not to let them in or do they have the right to cut in?" They've left it late to try and get to the front of the queue faster., so they're being jerks. You don't have to let them in. They have no right to merge. If an accident is cause it will be their fault.

When I try to brake with my left foot I brake harder without really trying to brake harder.

Best answer: Why would it be weird? People need to go back and forth between places all the time...

Which car is better?

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Mercedes Benz A class hatchback 2019 or BMW 1 series hatchback 2019 Which one would you go for

I moved out of my mom's house I'm 18 and a senior graduating next month I live with my sister now I work at a fast food chain well before I moved out I have trouble getting to and from I take the public bus in the morning to school and then the bus to work but I work weekdays from 5-10 (except tuesday)... show more