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I play in my school’s orchestra and today we found out what instrument we will play (In other words, we haven’t started any instrument specific lessons). I very badly want to play viola, but ended up getting cello. Is there any way to convince my orchestra director to change my orchestra director to let me switch... show more

I've been playing my Squier Strat my parents bought me for 2 years now. Since I started working and saving money I figured I want my first guitar investment to be around 1,000-1,300 USD, but I can't find a Stratocaster with the configuration I want in the guitar stores in my country. There's a reputable... show more

How can I self teach myself guitar?

10 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: You'll get nowhere, "picking up the guitar". You need to be prepared to take a lot of time and spend a lot of effort learning how to play: learning the basics first and the, over several years, becoming a person who can "play the guitar". Lots of people "pick up the guitar", mess... show more

Best answer: Yes Muslims don't want to Integrate they want to take over our country and make it Islamic and they are Killing us to meet that Objective Just watch what happens when Muslims reach 10% in any area of the UK In Frankfurt today Muslims abuse alfresco dinners for drinking alcohol with any meal Result... show more

Should I be pissed?

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Best answer: Upset, yes! But be professional, do what you promised to do. Unclear if you are one of a string of performers or if you are the only singer at a conference/meeting type event. In any case feel free to introduce yourself when you perform.

Until we are able to differentiate which one of them are terrorist and which ones are not. Otherwise these terror attacks will just continue every month. What other solution is their? My farmer had wonderful news yesterday and said that it has been a bumper year for his crops and the cows are giving much more milk... show more

Best answer: You can mix any generas.

Any tips for self taught guitarist?

6 answers · 1 month ago
I m a beginner at playing guitar and everything I know so far, I learned on my own. Do you have any tips for playing guitar? Thanks in advance

How do saxophones make their sound?

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My mom does burlesque?

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She makes so many excuses when it’s so degrading and tasteless and progressive stripping. What should I say so she understands how I feel without it seeming like I’m shaming her. She has more potential than exploiting herself all the time.

Would you rather have looks or talent?

10 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: Talent. Talent means you can achieve things. We are what we DO.

I just got my first electric guitar a few days ago. It's an Ibanez Artcore AM53. Yesterday, I took it to get a set up but the guitar guy at the place I went to is out for a couple weeks, however, the people there at the time were impressed with it and said it's fine to play for now and I probably don't... show more

The last half of the 20th century seemed to be booming with talented musicians, actors, films, comedians ect. It was like endless creativity and something great was coming out every year. What is it about todays society that inhibits people from creating great art compared to the 1900s?

Learning to play the guitar?

4 answers · 2 months ago
I’ve been practicing and I can’t get the right fingers on the frets. Like I can go from E to B then to G only when it’s like the first 3 frets. Then when I try to go to the 4th to 6th fret. Any advice?

This is a brand new guitar. Now I admit I got it off amazing for thirty some dollars because I don’t have a lot of extra money. I changed the string (hence why it’s gold instead of bronze in video) and nothing changed. All the other strings sound just fine so this confuses me. How can I fix this issue???

Can anyone help me with this?

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Call my crazy but today I had a vision of me standing on stage, doing a performance. But the thing is, in real life I would never get up and sing on stage. So why would I have this vision/dream?

Best answer: The Mustang was originally introduced as a budget-priced "student" (beginner's) guitar. With this is mind it was a short-scale guitar available with either 22 1/2" or 24" scale lengths. It's VERY rare for a guitar to be intended for a specific kind of music - a manufacturer isn't... show more