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Who is your favorite author?

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Was Mark Twain a racist?

40 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Huckleberry Finn is the story of a white boy who was RAISED TO BELIEVE that it is a sin to help a runaway slave escape. This character written by Mark Twain was a product of his time. He had been taught that there was nothing wrong with owning slaves, and he believed that. However, when Huck runs away from his... show more

Sherlock Holmes books?

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Are they good ? If so where do I begin to read ?

What is your favorite 90s novel?

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Best answer: It would be ridiculous to think that any human being, or even all of humanity collectively, could somehow manage to successfully destroy the world, if by "the world", you are in fact referring to the planet upon which we live, the galaxy and universe to which it belongs, or to a fictional planet, galaxy... show more

Do you have an account on goodreads?

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I don't have too many, but I have a box of various kinds and versions

Best answer: Through literary agents, usually. Don't expect a response if you use the improper word "wanna" in your correspondence with therm. FAIL.

I mean I know I should sell them, but what prices are good?

What’s that called when you don’t know how to read

Best answer: I like it a lot - its relevant but still unique

Best answer: We had a published author come and talk to our writing group. He had three books sold to a mid-sized publisher. Standard print run of 5,000 books. His advance was $1,000 for his first book, with no extra royalties coming in yet (the book didn't sell much). And the second book was a $2,000 advance. He self... show more

Is ragnarok a copyrighted word?

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Best answer: Individual words can't be copyrighted. They can sometimes be trademarked. A search on the US Patent and Trademark database at finds over 40 trademarks for "Ragnarok" on its own or in connection with other words (though some have lapsed). For instance, one of the trademarks is for... show more

Best answer: Why would you want to kill Rose. Didn't she suffer enough? What if she, not the iceberg alone, made the Titanic sink? She had a chocolate craving. The compartment walls were made of Belgian chocolate. The iceberg punched a few holes into the ship's side just as she had munched a hole in the barrier... show more

How can I write a book?

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I want some help to write a fantasy novel, any tips?

Best answer: It gives people more ammunition but it doesn't help them shoot straight. Having access to information and being able to use it effectively are different things.

It says "Write a short story (Which I thought was different than a flash fiction) in 1000 words or less in this creative writing contest. The instructions goes on and on about how it s evaluated, blah blah blah. No need to worry about that. But that is the rules.

When I read reviews about self help books on Amazon, often there are many enthusiastic reviews. However, I wonder how many people have used or keep using the advice given.