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I'm writing a fiction about a guy running away from prison (he was there for revolutionary causes convicted but he never killed anyone, he was just trying to protect his people and land). He flees to another country and meets a girl under casual circumstances. This girl falls for him at first sight, but he... show more

What do you think of these ideas?

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Hi 👋, A human child is found by a feral dog 🐕 when he is an infant 👶🏻. Rafoo, the Rhodesian Ridgeback who finds him, brings him back to his pack. He is adopted and raised by them. Kallie, an English Shepherd, is his adoptive mother, while Rafoo is his guardian. Arkan, an Alaskan Malamute, is the alpha. Dylan the... show more

i have been working on a story for some time now and i want to end it it the right way I don't want it to sound rushed like blah blah blah the end. would an epulog be too much or just right? I know it's my story but i want it just right.

I have to write a short story for my English class, and I'm so used to writing longer pieces that I don't really know how to plan out this story in such a way that the reader gets a clear story. I just feel like I'd write too many transitions and the story won't have much of a rising action since I... show more

Best answer: They [the Publishers] thought that an American child would not want to read a book with the word "philosopher" in the title. After discussion, the American edition was published in September 1998 under the title Rowling suggested, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." Philosophy, is a... show more

Best answer: I've read them all several times. I read the first when I was in my 40s, enjoyed it, and just kept going. I know many people think they're fit only for children and backward teens, but this highly-educated, widely-read 70-year-old Scotswoman enjoys them enormously. Of course they're not great... show more

Best answer: First of all, you chose a very interesting topic as it revolves around an image that is drown in our minds since we were kids. We were taught that Pirates are people without hearts, who don't have the right to life, love, or even have a proper way to die. I'll give you some tips to start your fantasy... show more

Does it mean it is hard to read and understand? Or hard to find? Or what??

I mean one that actually has paper pages and goes up on a shelf

A flock of sheep?

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Best answer: If lambs are critical to the telling of the story, you should find a way to include them, as sheep only have lambs with them during lambing season. You can say 'a flock of sheep and their lambs' or you can expand it by saying something like a 'flock of sheep, accompanied by their new born lambs'.

Best answer: I don't think anyone but your descendants and any bratty little siblings would be interested in reading your diary. Not that your diary is boring. I don't know what you've been through. It might be interesting, but most diaries are interesting only to the writer of the diary. Mine are interesting... show more

Best answer: Most of them. Why, do you want to know the names of them. Maybe give them a try and see do you like some of them.

Best answer: America

I’m a white American and I want to write a fictional book about African culture and history. I love learning about other cultures including my own and I love writing about them. I will do plenty of research for the book and try to be as accurate as possible. I’m also fine if a Black or African writer wants to write... show more