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Do you think objective reality exists?

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Does a reality exist independently of our perception of it?

Best answer: Of course. It's called "objective realtiy," and is not dependent on human observation to be true.

Do you believe in fate?

23 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: I believe in both fate and choice.

Who was the best philosopher?

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Who deserves to die?

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I mean, I don't think I really need to explain this one.

What is the point in living?

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Lately I have been thinking about life, the universe and meaning. I have become interested in Philosophy, but I mainly disagree with its principles and its obsession over trying to advise people with how to live their lives, instead of focussing of truths. If there is no afterlife, and life is indeed finite, then... show more

Best answer: Knowledge by itself is no power as such....... it can though create power, but only when it is relevant, timely and most importantly when it is applied with intent, skill and ability to gain power apropos a situation or person.

Best answer: No one leaves here alive. In a million years no one will remember anything that any of us did. Eventually the entire Earth itself will cease to exist. None of it matters. The best you can do is live your life in a way that makes sense to you and just enjoy the ride.

I’ve been having very disturbing thoughts about my life not being real or that I’m alone in a simulation and no one else is real. Or I’m in a simulation and they are creators of the simulation are evil and trying to control me. What if this scary thought is real?? What if that is the case?? Every time I think this,... show more

Best answer: Werner Van Braun was the Father of Rocketry He was employed by the Nazis toward the end of the War however The Germans lost and Werner went to The USA and became the chief of Rocketry The rest is history The Saturn 5 was hIs finest hour

Best answer: Overall yes.

Considering the historic succession of systems and the evolution of doctrines from the remotest ages of India down to our own times, and standing face to face with the progress achieved by contemporary scientific philosophy, must we not infer the indefinite progress of philosophic thought?

Best answer: Nothing's free, one way or another you'll pay for it.