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Have you ever seen Friends?

26 answers · Comedy · 4 days ago
The American comedy show.

Best answer: Notice, pretty hard not to when Liberalism is rammed down our throats

Is Jersey Shore scripted?

6 answers · Reality Television · 1 day ago
I watch Jersey Shore on MTV and I love it, it’s my favorite show. But is it scripted? I don’t want it to be.

The Borg

Do you watch The View on ABC?

12 answers · Politics · 4 days ago
Best answer: Why would I want to watch a bunch of bitter old dykes crying over everything that offends them?

Is Young Sheldon worse than The Big Bang Theory?

14 answers · Comedy · 5 days ago

Best answer: Just once. But I may restart it someday.

Best answer: I guess you do. Since you are asking the question. I watched them until I turned nineteen, then I just suddenly stopped. But I can’t find watching soap operas as strange, nevertheless.

From 0 to 10. I’m sorry, I can’t make it 1 to 10 because the show is so bad I don’t think 1 is enough.

Which comedians do you not find very funny?

9 answers · Comedy · 5 days ago
Best answer: Jim Carey Adam Sandler Mike Epps The Wayne brothers

Suggest a film good sitcom from the ‘90s?

4 answers · Comedy · 2 days ago
Best answer: Robocop

How much do you like the Weather Channel?

7 answers · Other - Television · 5 days ago
Best answer: Depend on it for weather info, but despise their attempts to try to be relevant, show movies, have programming. Ugh.

Star Trek Battle Range--WHY SO CLOSE?? (DS9)?

7 answers · Other - Television · 4 days ago
Lots of Star Trek battles are fought at very close range because it s hard to hit moving targets with weapons accurately at long range. (It takes time for phasers and torpedoes to reach their targets.) So in DS9, why don t ships attacking the station simply sit out at MAXIMUM RANGE and send torpedoes at DS9 at... show more

Best answer: Dragnet is the first one I remember. Keep in mind that most people didn't have tvs until the mid to late 50s. I don't know how you would determine the "most popular". Do you mean the one that stayed on tv the longest? Comparing ratings wouldn't be very accurate- many people didn't have tvs... show more

Best answer: You can watch any Star Trek series by itself and be fine. I'd definitely recommend TNG, because it's a great Star Trek series and a genuinely good show, but TOS is good too and you kinda have to watch it if you wanna get into Star Trek, since it started the whole thing.