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Do you think Angelina Jolie is pretty?

16 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 4 days ago
Best answer: Hell no. I always found her ugly and most overrated celeb ever in terms of beauty. My personal favorite celeb who I find most gorgeous is Felicity Jones.

Best answer: Sure. My sis has let hers go natural, and it looks lovely.

Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?

35 answers · Makeup · 3 days ago
BB cream, mascara, light nude eye shadow, and lip gloss. I want to get eyeliner soon too. Is this too much? Best answer gets 10 pts!

Do men find thin women unattractive??

21 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 2 days ago
I’m currently at a good weight but I still think clothing looks better on thinner body frames so I’m planning on shedding about 15-20 pounds. The thing is that I’ll lose most of my breast and butt fat in this process and will most likely be on the “flatter” side. Do men find that ugly and unattractive??? I don’t... show more

Poll: have you got any wrinkles?

26 answers · Makeup · 3 days ago

Can i wear overalls at 17?

12 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 15 hours ago
or is that sad?

Which one is less attractive?

14 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 1 day ago

What color skirt should a man wear?

18 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 days ago
Best answer: A man can wear any color skirt. Free choice

Do you like ripped jeans?

13 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 1 day ago
Best answer: It depends where they're ripped.

Does she think I’m gross?

5 answers · Makeup · 16 hours ago
I go to appointments fortnightly with an employment advisor for the past month. I’m a 21 year old quiet guy who’s quiet and nervous and polite. She reminded me the interviews she chose me for that I had coming up and she subbed me for both of them (they get job opportunities) and she then turned upbeat and her... show more

Is it weird to hold money in your bra?

36 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 5 days ago
My mom was telling me to fetch some groceries and she handed me a 20. I just folded it and crammed it down my cleavage because my leggings didn’t have pockets. My mom laughed when she saw me do that and told me it looks cheesy. I really didn’t get what she meant; it’s been a nifty place for me and I’ve never lost... show more

What features does a woman need to pull off short hair well?

17 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 3 days ago
Think Halle Berry short

How do you get rid of dark under eye circles?

9 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 13 hours ago
Any makeup products, home remedies, or cream recommendations are appreciated.

True or false: some people have acne “forever”?

29 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 4 days ago