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How much will Dems try to increase our taxes next year?

18 answers · United States · 2 days ago
Best answer: 'Till it hurts plus 10%.

Assuming everything else is about the same, should I itemize this year or take the 12,000 deduction? Will I assumingly get a larger refund?

Would i lose more money doing this?

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if i ask my boss to hold off on my weekly checks and let it save up for a few weeks so when i finally get the check it will be high, will i lose more money by doing that because of taxes cause doesnt the higher the amount earned the more taken but the less the amount earned the less taken. btw my boss wouldnt care... show more

Is 4800 a month take home pay after taxes good money?

9 answers · United States · 2 days ago

Best answer: If you want to create a system where each resident pays toward shared services such as fire, police, schools, libraries etc with each person's share computed based on their income, then just abolish property taxes and replace it with a local income tax.

When I left my previous job, I took out my pension and received a lump sum when I accepted another job. Would I be able to return to my previous employer?

How can i write off a $6000 home repair cost on my taxes?

18 answers · United States · 6 days ago

Can i add my teen girlfriend baby on my tax return?

10 answers · United States · 7 days ago
I fathered a baby and he has my last name. I m not on the birth certificate . She s on the run do to good reason. Her family are abusive in so many ways. Can my gf be tracked down if i add our son on my tax return?

Can I file my federal tax seperatly from the state one?

7 answers · United States · 3 days ago
I orderd the 2015 tax, but I recieved the federal before the state. Can I file the federal separately and do the state one later

Old tax returns, old W2's?

11 answers · United States · 5 days ago
How can I get a copy of my tax returns or W2 forms from the mid 70 s,. I need these for retirement. Actually anything from the State of Massachusetts or the IRS showing that I was working. Thank You all.

Where more tax refunds, state? or federal?

6 answers · United States · 3 days ago

Suppose RMD for 2018 is $100 on IRA one, and $900 on IRA two. Does IRS allow taking full RMD of $1000 from IRA one and take $0 from IRA two?