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Best answer: Because Gladys Knight has class and called out Colin Kaepernick for using the National Anthem for his misguided protest!

Im 12 and I like classical music am I weird?

13 answers · Classical · 20 hours ago
kids at my school think im retarded and get triggered when I say I love classical music ….. am I weird for liking classical music

Suggest a feel good song from the ‘70s?

26 answers · Rock and Pop · 4 days ago
Best answer: Emerson, Lake & Palmer --- C'est la Vie

Is Michael Jackson a brave guy?

11 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 1 day ago
Best answer: not funny Michael Jackson is deceased you shouldn’t be making fun of him I don’t think his family would appreciate that or his fans.

What's your favorite singer?

10 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 1 day ago
Who's your favorite rapper?

Rock songs about Cheese?

12 answers · Rock and Pop · 2 days ago

How can I make it famous in rap?

10 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 2 days ago
Do I have to become accessible in order to make it?

What do you think of my unique song lyrics :?

10 answers · Lyrics · 4 days ago
Roses are dead, my love black is there hue Sewers, they stink, my love, but only half as much as you

Memorial and/or Motivational Songs?

9 answers · Rock and Pop · 3 days ago
What are some songs that can be used as a memorial song such as when someone passes anyway or when there is tragedy. Likewise, what are some songs that can be used as motivation to still look forward to the future despite the loss of loved one or tragedies. Some songs that I feel fall into one or both of these... show more

Do you think that rock is dead?

22 answers · Rock and Pop · 5 days ago
Best answer: The Freddie Mercury movie kinda proved that rock is alive and well. You hear Young kids still talking about Queen. Will anyone remember Justin what's his face, 5 years from now? Hell no.

Did anyone like phil Collins stuff post Genesis?

14 answers · Rock and Pop · 4 days ago

Is it weird to be a 16 year old drug addict in todays age?

7 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 2 days ago
Just curious if its kinda normal bc of todays drug and rap culture or nah most of my friends r addicts also

Was all humans born with a singing voice?

8 answers · Singing · 2 days ago
Best answer: only the chosen ones

Rush or Nirvana?

9 answers · Rock and Pop · 4 days ago

Saddest song?

9 answers · Other - Music · 6 days ago