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Best answer: 1. New Jack City 2. Goodfellas 3. Scarface Honorable Mentions: The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Untouchables, American Gangster, Colors, Pulp Fiction, Juice, Set It Off, and Heat

Best answer: Yes there is. It came out in 1956 starring Yul Brynner.

Best answer: Agree...he's the best...

Best answer: Nope, you can't remember 'em all. Speaking of Poirot, I think David Suchet's Poirot is a much better Poirot than Peter Ustinov's.

Best answer: Princess Caraboo starring Phoebe Cates,it is honestly the only time I have got up and walked out a movie theatre.Didn't even make it halfway through the was that bad!

Best answer: I thought it was awful. The concept was silly. There were some humorous moments, but it's not a movie I'd ever watch twice.

Best answer: When I was just a young lad, my mother took me to see "Gone With The Wind." Ever since (I am now in my 70s) I have often wondered if I had got the correct impression of the movie, which I thought was extremely long and tedious. A few years ago, I had the opportunity of going to see the movie again, and I... show more

Best DCEU movie in a while or overrated?

1. Pulp Fiction 2. Goodfellas 3. New Jack City 4. Scarface 5. The Godfather Honorable Mentions: Casino, A Bronx Tale, The Godfather Part II, 12 Angry Men, The Italian Job (1969), The Untouchables, American Gangster, Cop Land, Rififi, The Usual Suspects, Baby Driver, Bugsy, The Public Enemy (1931), The Big Sleep,... show more

Best answer: 1. Django Unchained 2. Black Panther 3. Straight Outta Compton 4. Selma 5. Creed HMs: Get Out, Dope

Best answer: Dracula (1931)

Best answer: Yes I am and soon, haven't seen creed one, but I'm still looking forward to the sequel.

Best answer: no, there's many fans of those movies. trouble is Hollywood seems to believe we enjoy raunchy comedies or romance dramas nowadays, there;s still quite a few good sci-fi, fantasy, and action movies though.

Does Daryl Hannah still act?

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Best answer: Her last movie was Paradox(2018) which was produced by her rock legend husband Neil Young...which indicates she's probably not as much in demand as she once was - she used to be a huge star.