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Best answer: Infinity War

Best answer: My aunt would actually punish her kids with it when they where younger lol if they were bad she would make them watch it.

Could you see it again?

I’ve noticed the popular media and even many here who support Larson’s comments refer to those who disagree with her as trolls, but not those who support her. Isn’t that a bit biased? Does disagreeing with a celebrity’s political agenda make someone a troll?

Best answer: Gone With the Wind The Wizard of Oz Titanic Twister Poseidon Adventure Toy Story The Lion King Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Toy Story 2 The Lion King 2

How long will movies last for?

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What are the chances films will exist by the year 3,000?

I remember watching the first Matrix film when I was a child but I did not understand it (too complex for my young mind) and so I was never a fan. Anyway, I'm 30 now and have a decent enough understanding of philosophy and symbolism. So when I decided to watch all 3 Matrix films a couple of days ago, that was... show more

Best answer: I have watched them before but not watching the movies right now

I don't want to see Endgame if there are going to be some losers booing during the film. I also though Captain Marvel was a decent character. This is a genuine question, not a troll question.

Best answer: I have similar thoughts to yours. I'm all for capitalism, don't get me wrong, but now you have the same parent company ruling over Disney characters, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and now Fox. Soon enough, there won't be any reasonable competition, and the company will be cannibalizing itself for profit... show more

What's your favorite movie?

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From the 90s

What is your favorite film?

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I am not hinting to content such as such as real torture, murder, rape, or any disturbing content which is illegal & inhumane. I just need to be tested. I feel as if nothing can scare or make me fearful. Every Hollywood/Netflix film I have tried doesn t make heart race, nor make me jump. Any... show more