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Best answer: I could just get lost with her. wow

Who is your favorite pop singer?

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Female: and Male:

How do I become famous?

10 answers · 3 days ago

Do you like Will Ferrell?

25 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: Yes, I loved him in Elf. He was hilarious. Also anchorman.

Best answer: At music? Ariana At sexiness? Neither

Who's ur celebrity crush?

16 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Zac Efron ..... since I was 9 years old and saw him in High School Musical. I'm pretty sure he loves me!

How do famous singers get famous?

12 answers · 4 days ago
like how do they get known and famous like how did taylor swift or ariana grande or shawn mendes get famous and known? how does it start?

Best answer: Well in a way depending how you think of or who you think of Andrew Jackson a bit

Best answer: He started hanging out with Michael Jackson.

Best answer: i know, right? whatta queen, we stan

Best answer: She was bashed non-stop for her looks the entire trial. She's not ugly she just had an unflattering hairstyle.