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Would you like to meet justin bieber?

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Justin Bieber's music has always been terrible. But I know that teenage girls like pretty feminine boys. Justin no longer looks like a young pretty boy. Justin did not grow up to be a handsome man. Can Justin Bieber continue to be famous without his boyish looks?

Who was Nikki Lauder?

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Would you like to meet Taylor Swift?

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Best answer: Do you mean comedian? Or are you talking about DC/Marvel comics? But if the first Male- Robin Williams(RIP) Female- Melissa McCarthy or Ellen

Best answer: His name is Justin, and no, he did not.

Best answer: I think he'll be very big. He seems to be a born entertainer, he has a very good voice, good songwriter, excellent performer. He's also funny, a good actor, a good model, and seems capable to stepping into any entertainment opportunity (such as when he hosted the Late Late Show with 2 hours notice, and... show more

Has Nick Jonas got brothers?

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Best answer: Yes, the brothers are Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. I saw him in Les Miserables and he was terrible. His voice is weak and too 'pop' - no power or passion. And his acting was awful too. What possessed them to give him that role I'll never know.

Best answer: I think of an indentation on the cheek, or I think of Mrs Dimple who is a nice user on this site.