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Best answer: Get plenty of sleep before the exam day and make sure to revise all the topics. And eat bananas?

Best answer: Because you are in a public school. Public schools are usually required by BOE policy to treat all "offenses" the same rather than take a subjective view of the person who committed the offense. They don't want "normally good honor students" to get preferential treatment over... show more

When I was a kid, I was kicked in the testicles on my very first day at my new grade-school. The bully pretty much beat me up every day. He would go into my desk and break all my pencils in half. He tore up my homework, and threw it on the floor. He opened my lunchbox, dumped my food on the ground and stepped on... show more

Is this bad?

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Best answer: No it's not, only to those dickheads who have a lot of growing up to do.

Best answer: Because this is society today. Teachers are only supposed to do their job because they get money. Money makes people happy. From there I think you get it.

I'm scared I've ruined my future.?

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I want to study dentistry in the future and dentistry only. I have no other wishes or desires, it is something i feel so passionately about. However, here's where it all goes wrong. I have been put into foundation foe science, this means the maximum grade level i can achieve is a 5, which is utter crap in the... show more

I'm 16 years old and i'm in high school, my school has this new thing called "No One Eats Alone", they say they are trying to end social isolation throughout the school. At school I have no friends, i'd rather be alone at lunch. I'm always alone, I usually go stand near some building at... show more

Best answer: probably cause that was a part of history

I really hate doing distance education, I want to be with kids. I want to be in highschool. My dad doesnt want me around other kids and thinks distance education is the best form of learning. How can I prove that a normal high school is better than distance education?

I’m in high school and most of my teachers terrify me. What’s strange is that it’s the nice and friendly ones who scare me the most. If I have to talk to them I sometimes end up crying because I’m so terrified. How do I solve this?

Best answer: Yes In fact the local program requires a C in every subject

Why do I do well in school?

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Best answer: First off, you are very smart. Secondly, you probably aren't challenged enough. Perhaps you can transfer to accelerated classes. Please talk to your school counselor about this. Good luck.

How do I change my attitude?

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Best answer: Some people have no motivation to do well in school, and there can be several reasons as to why. Maybe you don't have a great support team at home, maybe you feel pressure to be the best and you burnt yourself out just by thinking of attempting to be the best, or maybe you just literally do not care, etc.... show more