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Too early for school?

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My high school starts classes at 7:20 am. Do you think that's too early?

I have just got home from detention it was HORRIBLE . detention lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes this does not allow for the 5 minutes to get to the detention room, and for the teacher to take the register and give out the punishment essays. this means I got out of school 2 hours late. we have to sit at our desks... show more

i live in a city with poor public schools but there are surrounding towns/suburbs with higher costs of living and some of the best schools in the country, i hate my school right now, if i use a fake address, can i attend school in one of the suburbs? if i get caught what will happen if i get caught?

Best answer: not a water fountain or a water facility, it is a sink for washing hands. Communal sink is probably the word that would apply (multiple faucets so many can use it at the same time). A locker-room sink might be used because that is where they seem to be found the most often, but that would be from a person that... show more

Best answer: No, you weren't held back. Most people graduate high school at 18, unless they have a summer birthday. Anyone who was born between September of 2000 and August of 2001 (in other words, anyone who turned/turns 18 between this past September and next August) should graduate from high school this spring.

I go to a 9-12 grade high school. The seniors in my class have been in my classes since the 9th grade. Very few actually physically changed. Most people look exactly the same. It’s been 3 years now, they started at 14 now they’re 17. Thoughts?

Best answer: All of the above. The question they need to answer is if you can handle 9th grade and keep up with other 14 year olds. I had a student in your situation. Another consideration for him was that all of his friends were 8th graders.

Best answer: More often 18. 17 is not uncommon. And people usually graduate from high school in May, slightly earlier than when school gets out in June for the other classes.

Best answer: Some things to think about when skipping grades. You are going to go from junior high or middle school, to highschool a year earlier than everyone else. You are going to be a little wuss compared to all the other guys. If there is anyone who is asking to be bullied, it's gonna be you. Also, I suppose you'll... show more

The school psychologist couldn't find any learning disabilities? We also had a full physical that was normal. The drop was from a 3.8 to a 2.2 gpa without being moved into harder classes and he is at a loss too. Working harder for plummeting grades.

I just moved so I have to go to a new high school and I hate it here, this school doesn’t even have WiFi. We do everything with paper and pencil and it’s stupid, and there is a no phone rule, if they see your phone they will take it away and a parent has to come and pick it up. Isn’t that stupid? What should I do... show more

Best answer: No.... Consider how old you were when you started school and how many grade levels there are. In the USA, kids are usually in Kindergarten at age 6 and school goes up to 12th grade. Do the math: grade = age K = 6 1st = 7 2nd = 8 3rd = 9 4th = 10 5th =11 6th = 12 7th = 13 8th = 14 9th = 15 10th = 16 11th =... show more

I keep getting detention at school because all my pens smudge (we have to use fountain pens) and the teacher can't read my writing. We get to choose our own fountain pen but I can't find any that work for left handers. Any advice would be really useful

What high school did you go to ?

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Best answer: Well at the end of 8th grade me and a lot of my friends were like that at 14 because we want entertainment before we graduate and leave middle school.

i'm good in math but science is still a problem, i don't understand anything and i don't know what i don't understand, my teacher kind of discouraged me from being a doctor so i dunno, i'm trying really hard and getting extra help but i'm just not sure if my efforts would be for nothing..... show more