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Best answer: Being an azzhole isn't an impeachable offense.

Best answer: How would we know whether YOU need to worry about YOUR children? We don't know you, or them, or any of the actual circumstances. Can you explain why you would imagine we would know if you don't?

I got hammered with my friends last night and slept through 3 exams. I am a high school sophomore and my parents will be mad. What do I do? Will I be kicked out of school?

Nervous for Exams! What can I do?

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Best answer: Well I'm in university and have 3 exams too. My last one is tomorrow in German. I don't really get nervous. Cause when I study I go over the unit tests I've gotten back and go over them so I'd get 100 on them if I did them again. Go over all the units and a good understanding of the units and you... show more

I live in Canada . Is it better to go to school and get government funding in a big city, like Toronto where the jobs are in my field or stick to a school in a smaller town where there are less jobs, but maybe a better education?

Best answer: your mother was a very intellect sweet woman and you were lucky and Blessed to have her, I agree with her, it should be forbidden to use calculators in schools.

And that movie sucked too! The only good thing about that film was Gregory Peck! Otherwise, I don't see what the big deal is about that book or that movie. It is so very overrated! What does "to kill a mockingbird" mean anyway? Was that in The Bible or something???

Best answer: Yes, you should definitely have a word with the principle and ask him/her whether they would like it if their daughter was asked to eat something that had fallen onto the floor. People walk on floors bringing in all sorts of bacteria on their shoes. The very fact that it is known all around the school means... show more

Best answer: It's not impossible. You should REALLY speak with your guidance counselor, who may be able to assist you with online courses or narrowing down unnecessary classes. Truthfully most of what you're learning right now is useless B.S. that you'll never need for your adult life anyway, so there's no... show more

Best answer: Yes, ilt's fair. There are reasons for the rules. Follow the dress code, serve your detention (be thankful it's just a detention). Take it up with senior staff if you think it's a valid issue. If you're like me and want to be barefoot as much as you can, then be barefoot OUT of school instead of... show more

Capitol of Italy?

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Best answer: Low 80s.

Should I skip school tomorrow?

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This is my first year of this new high school . I had a few friends. I had skipped a history class because of a group work. I dont have any friends in that class. Basically i am mute in that class. I am a quite person. Im not gonna change who i am. Back in old high school ,everybody respect me because they know i... show more

In school there's always those really "smart" students who are top of the class. Some of them do put in effort of course but for instance in my Science class, there's one student who's on there phone and sometimes even sleeps. Yet he's top of our class and always get 90s on quizzes. I try... show more

What am I doing with my life?

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Grr... I'm in high school right now and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing anymore. I want to pick up so many new things but I can't do any more things because I have no time, and everyone says I should only specialize on 1-2 things I'm good at because of college admissions and... show more

Ok so I have a question, just based on your experience how hard do y’all think it would be for a high school student to keep a 4.4 GPA, play 3 sports, keep a girlfriend, participate in 7 different extra-curricular activities, and still have a social life?

Best answer: Probably in a few days, so by Thursday or Friday unless that storm really dumps a ton of snow on your state.