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Compare Trump's popularity, his results in mid-terms with Obama's. Who comes out ahead?

Best answer: 185

Best answer: The first modern Democrat President was Andrew Jackson (#7). The first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln (#16). Before them, the political parties were the Whigs, the Federalists, and the Democrat/Republicans.

hello, is it grammatically incorrect to say as in (a) instead of (b)? (a) “if there is no water, nothing could survive on the earth.” (b) “if it were not for water, nothing could survive on the earth.” thank you for your help.

A) Advancements in geometry and physics. B) Direct Democracy. C) Monotheism D) Symmetry and balance in architecture.

Just learning about American military it seems they just were reckless throwing men head on into battles? For example they never even had heavy tanks to go against German tigers. D-Day beach landings landing straight into gunfire, The pacific campaign seemed primitive in the way of just throwing waves of troops... show more

Best answer: https://www.weather.gov/jetstream/tides

On interviews or documentary people will go: '' It was 2002 sept 12th me and my friend la la la... '' I've seen so many do this like how do you remember precisely what you've done when it was such a long time ago? Or are you just lying?

Best answer: Research and stop wasting time asking people to do your work.

Best answer: Roots are values of x for which y equals 0. When x is -3 or -1, the expressions x+3 or x+1, respectively, equal zero. Anything times zero is zero. Thus, when x is -3 or -1, (x+3) times (x+1) times anything is zero. y = (x+3)(x+1) is quadratic, so there's one answer. You can also multiply it by a constant,... show more

Since the summer of the poles(and higher latitudes) have far longer daytime lengths(or there is even 24 hrs daytime for some very high latitude places) than the summer of the equator(and lower latitudes) (which typically have shorter daytime lengths than the higher latitudes in the summer)

Best answer: The German army, navy and air force in the Nazi era were very strong, well trained, well equipped and well disciplined. They were greatly weakened by the time the USA eventually joined in WWII but their original strength and determination should never be underrated.

If it is hard to see during the day due to weather you should: A.Speed up to reduce the amount of travel time B.Make sudden stops C.Turn on your headlights

What rhymes with ********?

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Best answer: we can't say b o l l o c k s ??? b o l l o c k s | ˈbäləks | (also ballocks or bollix) plural noun British vulgar slang 1 the testicles. 2 [treated as singular] used to express contempt, annoyance, or defiance. means absolutely nothing to Americans, as far as slang goes. we don't use it and it's... show more

Best answer: It is a rare bully that is not a coward. My President is a rather common bully and hardly rare amid conservatives.