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Although both concepts of 'finite' and 'infinite' are hard to grasp, either of one must be true. And don't come with this crap like infinite but finite, with reference to the surface of the Earth that can be walked around endlessly while the surface is definite finite. This is often mentioned... show more

If you can go beyond the earth's gravitational field, then the nearest biggest body to you would slowly pull you towards it hence never coming back down to earth. How true is this?

Explain this atheists?

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Where does all the matter come from? Where did the laws, gravity, centripetal force, etc come from? Where does energy come from? It would take energy to create a big bang right? If a spinning object breaks apart in a frictionless environment the fragments will all spin in the same direction. If the whole universe... show more

Can there be a red dwarf and a white dwarf in the same star cluster?

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So say humans discover perpetual motion and free energy. Would we even bother to build a dyson sphere?

Why aren't racially mixed people sterile?

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today in biology class our teacher told us that if two different species like a horse and a donkey mate, the offspring is sterile. if this is so, how was barack obama able to have children if he had a white mother and a black father, both different species.

New measurements of the Milky Way shows our galaxy to have a mass of 1,500 billion solar masses within a radius of 129,000 light years, not even taking into account all the stars and stuff outside this diameter since the Milky Way is estimated to be somewhere between 150-200k light years. Calculations done in... show more

What's the difference between eclipses and moon phases?

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Best answer: What is the Name of the Science Fiction book that you read that story from?

He nailed so much of the scandal that broke out with James Charles and Tati Westbrook before it happened, enough that news outlets took notice too. His reading is on YouTube, a month before things happened. Yep, these are all YouTube personalities, sometimes I follow scandals out of curiosity. But anyway, there’s... show more

If the moon disappeared, how quickly would the earth lose its magnetic field?

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In what position of the planet's orbit are we draw it?

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