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I really like bees, am i bee?

40 answers · Zoology · 2 days ago

How multiverse theory deny the existence of God?

18 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago
How the multiverse theory proves that there is no creator? Can anyone explain? What they think from where human and all that we see on the Earth comes from? Iam confused

Ara elliptical galaxies just really big stars?

10 answers · Astronomy & Space · 17 hours ago

Will technology save the sun from dying in centuries time?

30 answers · Astronomy & Space · 3 days ago
Best answer: No, not in a mere few centuries. We need to become an interplanetary civilization first, able to travel within our own solar system with relative ease. That transition may happen within the next few centuries, for sure. Then our next big step will be to become an interstellar civilization, able to hop from star... show more

Do constellations change?

8 answers · Astronomy & Space · 18 hours ago
What would happen if a star(s) in a constellation were to die? Would we still consider it the same constellation or a new one? Has any star in a constellation died yet since the day we started naming constellations?

Best answer: Chris saw it, too.

Did Edgar Allan Poe go to the moon in a hot air balloon?

11 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago

How come everything dont fall out of the earth?

26 answers · Astronomy & Space · 3 days ago

How to find a side of a square ?

6 answers · Mathematics · 17 hours ago

Do people know that Global warming is fake?

25 answers · Earth Sciences & Geology · 2 days ago

How much do you know about Deneb star?

7 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago
Best answer: The only thing I know for sure is that due to the Earth's axial precession, Deneb will be an approximate Pole star (7° off of the North celestial pole) at around 9800 AD.

How many aliens do you think NASA has caught?

35 answers · Astronomy & Space · 4 days ago
Best answer: I don't know , but someone is sure stealing my Sheep

I can only imagine that future humans will have found a much better way of getting into space assuming that will people in the distant future (if humanity survives that long) laugh at rocket technology yet were rockets not the best way for humans at the time to get things and humans into orbit?

If the universe is expanding - what is it expanding into?

16 answers · Astronomy & Space · 19 hours ago

Best answer: The Astronuts carry their Airpac on there BacS

Should we populate the universe?

13 answers · Astronomy & Space · 2 days ago
If we sent some really sturdy microbes out into the cosmos with the intent that some day these microbes will make it to other planets and someday evolve intelligent life. even if no aliens exist in the whole universe..IF we send out microbes, then perhaps in 1-2 billion years...they will have evolved on distant... show more

Why does math exist?

18 answers · Mathematics · 3 days ago

complicated and difficult than any language‘s grammar on earth

What holds thhe atmosphere around earth?

33 answers · Astronomy & Space · 4 days ago