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Job suggestion?

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Im 16 years old i am a boxer so i train everyday from 5 to 9 pm. I do online school so during the day im not doing much....what are some jobs i could get that are during the day from like 8 in the morning till 3 or 4

Best answer: You can close the account but it won't actually be closed, you just won't be able to charge on it anymore. You will have to keep paying off the debt and will keep getting bills or they'll start the whole collections process.

He co-signed it and my sister wants to divorce her husband. They are both on the lease. What would happen if she separated and moved out? Would my dad still have to pay his rent if he decides not to?

What can I do with a degree in African-American studies?

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Go to college they said. It will be good they said. What now?

Can a landlord legally lie to you about not renewing the apartment lease?

16 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 13 hours ago
Lately my landlord has been hot and cold, one minute he’s pissed at every single thing I do or don’t do, and the next minute he says I’m the best tenant he’s ever had. Well my years lease is up in about 2 months, and when I ask if he’s going to renew the lease he says he will no problem. But this morning someone in... show more

Can I be evicted ?

17 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 19 hours ago
I moved into a income restricted building and they took my first month and security deposit I spend the last 23 days moving in and now they want me to be out in 3 days because I make too much money . I don’t have anywhere to go I have up my last apartment to move into here

My sperm donor was a sex offender and I’m a teacher. This is so hard for me, I want out and I’m in escrow, and I get my money back. I live in lake elsinor California. Please help $3,000 is on the line. He also has tons of cameras around his home, I’m scared he’ll have more inside when he moves

I need it for mainly bus fare til I get 1st paycheck

Will people judge if I put my picture on my CV?

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I don't know if it a good or bad thing

Best answer: Because in the UK, people get their fast food at the local chippie, kebab stand or at the pub. They eat plenty of fast food, it's just more likely to be from a small business than a mega-chain. Part of the reason may be because people are less car-dependent in the UK. In the USA, the vast majority of... show more

Packages, credit cards etc were being sent to the house because it was vacant. The landlord wants me to pay for repairs even though it obviously had nothing to do with me. My landlord is trying to use my rent checks to pay for the damage instead of applying it to my rent, and is telling me late fees are piling... show more

Job interviews, help!?

14 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 3 days ago
So I'm in my last semester of high school and I want to get a part time job but I'm shy and nervous about working and about the interview. I was just going to apply of Shoppers drug mart but then I got scared away after seeing soemething that said I should know about the company and say that I shop there... show more

How to properly pay phone bill to build your credit?

11 answers · Credit · 5 hours ago
I’ve heard some people say to pay half about 2 weeks before it’s due and pay the other half on the due date. Some say pay the full amount on the due date, and then others say pay the full amount earlier than the due date. From your personal experience or based on your knowledge what method works best in gradually... show more

Do you agree with person A or person B?

12 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 14 hours ago
Person A graduated from college and has been applying for jobs for months. Person A has done a lot of interviews and the status for the jobs are still under review. Person B blames Person A for not being able to Get a job faster. Person B blames person A and not the companies for taking a long time. Person B says... show more

I owe irs $15000 could I be in jail?

14 answers · United States · 1 day ago

My apartment complex office staff took my rent money?

12 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 17 hours ago
So I went to pay my rent and a month later I get a call saying they can't find my money order I gave them, mind u just moved in and they gave me my keys on the same day I paid my 507 rent So now they are asking me do I have the receipt. Sorry like a dumb dumb I don't have them The manager is saying its not... show more

Ok, tax Question!?

11 answers · United States · 11 hours ago
Ok In 2018 I made $26.79 a hour and then $30 a hour on the weekends. I had to be off from November-December due to having back surgery. I ended up bring home pay 33,200. And I owe $915 in taxes. My boyfriend however made $16 a hour last year and grossed $33,900 and received a $1,200 tax return. My question is, how... show more

Is it possible for a company to take 5 months to hire someone?

10 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 14 hours ago