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Are Book Reviews worth reading?

6 answers · Books & Authors · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes, they are a great way to decide which books you want to read!

Was the American military to reckless in WW2?

17 answers · History · 22 hours ago

See, two can play at that game!

Why do youths find Shakespeare boring?

8 answers · Books & Authors · 3 hours ago
I find his work absolutely captivating but why do teenagers find his plays boring or mediocre at best ??!!

People who lived the 70s: what were the 70s like?

33 answers · History · 4 days ago
Best answer: The 70s were great years. There seemed to be tons of money around, everyone could afford a good car, jobs were plentiful, wages were good and all sorts of new electrical appliances became available. There was little violence and most people only had to work 40 hours and little overtime. Only one parent had to... show more

Is life largely determined by luck?

22 answers · Philosophy · 3 days ago
To be realistic I think it is. The circumstances you are born into greatly determine the amount of opportunity you will have and how your life is. Nobody gets to choose their genetics or where they are born. This is entirely based on random chance. So I think it’s fair to say that Luck is a big factor in how your... show more

Why do black people whine about slavery?

14 answers · History · 10 hours ago
Yeah slavery was horrible and white people treated their slaves terribly but I don’t get why black people now whine about it and say they hate white people for it like do they not understand that if it wasn’t for white people they would still be in Africa and they would be even poorer than they are here in America... show more

Best answer: Anyone except a stupid brain dead indoctrinated liberal idiots knows the white race has contributed more to the modern-world.

How to know if a book is worth buying?

25 answers · Books & Authors · 3 days ago
Movie fans use Rotten Tomatoes to see if a movie is worth watching. Should readers use something like Goodreads to see if a book is worth buying?

Can you name the most famous duo in history?

45 answers · History · 4 days ago

What is the essence of a human being?

16 answers · Philosophy · 3 days ago

Are philosophers always right?

18 answers · Philosophy · 2 days ago

How much longer will printed books be around?

13 answers · Books & Authors · 20 hours ago

Best answer: I'm sure that one where trump goes back in time and saves the Confederacy with Jefferson Davis and Ted nuggent will be very popular.

True or False? There is only one race and thats the Human race?

11 answers · Other - Society & Culture · 20 hours ago
Best answer: We are all a single species - Homo Sapiens. True.

He didn't discover america because they were people living here before he came. so can any explain why they keep saying that he discover america which isn't true?

Is captilism just as much of a failure as sociailsim?

11 answers · History · 14 hours ago

We all know that Germans turned on Soviet Union and invaded it in 1941. What if the Germans never attacked Russia could the British/Americans have defeated the mighty German armies? all the best German soldiers died fighting in Russia in 1941-43 around Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad etc. So if they were... show more