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Why didn't Harry chose a pretty girl to marry?

18 answers · Royalty · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: The Queen made him do it to tick a PC box. She's as rough as a badger's @rse.

Why are so many White Americans so Sanctimonious?

6 answers · Other - Cultures & Groups · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: You are talking about libtards. Most of them have brain damage from listening to too much hip hop and mumble rap. I did address your points. The problem with these liberals is that soy consumption has screwed up their hormones and their choice of music/tv/movies has cause them brain damage.

Best answer: He didn't. He said the exact opposite. Obviously.

Best answer: I'll give them pacifiers, it will help us as well as we wont have to hear all the crying.

Best answer: He wants to add us to his list of bankruptcies and failures.

So Im going to Thailand, and I want some advice regarding drinking alcohol there... the thing is that I don't drink , never had a sip before so I don't know what I should have or even how to order in bars. can anyone give me a like a starter guide on how to drink and what to drink? what are some popular... show more

Why does yahoo take so long to respond?

7 answers · Yahoo Answers · 2 years ago

Best answer: I love how you outed yourself as a troll through your ridiculous comments.

Why doesn't God send clothes to us through the womb of mother?

4 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 2 years ago
Some Religions emphasize on wearing full clothes but God send us naked. If clothes are necessary then Why doesn't God send clothes to us through the womb of mother?

Best answer: Shut your NlGGER *** up