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Best answer: For a surprising number of individuals, the bar for caring about something seems to be that the thing must be capable of destroying every last life form on the planet. Anything even a hair less than that -- well, nothing to worry about! All or nothing, black/white mindset of a simpleton.

Best answer: Their "models" have been discredited by independent research. Example:

Best answer: Depends on its chemical composition. Venus's atmosphere is mostly CO2 and SO2, both of which are infrared refracting (greenhouse) gases. Also the proximity to the local star in important. Venus would be pretty cold if it was out as far as Jupiter.

Best answer: Here you go However more than half that is removed by nature, nature is very efficient at removing CO2 from our atmosphere, 4 billion years ago we had 95% CO2 nature reduced that to 0.028% and Man has pushed it back up to... show more

These are all numbers that people in here have told me are big or small, but in science I was always taught that if you wanted to neglect something, you'd need to estimate the how large a difference that would make, but nobody--not even the one that claims to be a scientist--does that.

Best answer: there is a lot at and

Best answer: It depends on what you count as renewables. If you think hydro is renewable then you can have cheap electricity - as long as you do not have to include the cost of building the mountains to make it possible! If you do not have a sufficiently mountainous terrain then you won t be able to use hydro. Parts of Canada... show more

So far, I came up with planting more trees or making roads white. Releasing soot into the atmosphere seems silly for many reasons.

Did you hear about this in the media?

12 answers · 3 weeks ago Temperature anomalies and percentiles are shown on the gridded maps below. ... Overall, the combined global land and ocean temperature for February 2018 was ... This value was also 0.57°C (1.03°F) cooler than the record high set in 2016

Best answer: The heated air should generate additional IR and also that heated air will also tend to flow upwards (with convection currents), so it will end up going higher than just the first "capture" zone. I think as it goes higher it would be less and less of an effect so the vast majority is near the ground but... show more

Best answer: Volcanic emissions of CO2 have been outweighed by the loss of carbon to calcium carbonate sediments on a multi-million year basis. If this trend continues CO2 will inevitably fall to levels that threaten the survival of plants, which require a minimum of 150 ppm to survive. If plants die, we die. During the last... show more

Best answer: Nope ... the change in solar output during these 'minima' is about 0.1%. This leads to temperature drops of about 0.2 to 0.3 C. Since the rate of warming is about 0.15 C per decade, any cooling is likely to be offset by the warming. All the indications are the planet will warm, just not quite as fast... show more